The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Grama Lawn Repair Kit

With a real grass lawn the inevitable happens. Sooner or later it will need repairing for one reason or another. 

We are now making this process easy.

If you have a problem with you Grama Lawn then we have the solution (Grama Lawns Repair Kit), if the problem is under trees than we also have a solution.

One of our products:
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1) 500 Grass plugs to repair your grama lawn.
2) 1 Kilo of strong summer mix fertiliser to get your plugs going.
3) FREE Delivery by courier to your door.

All this for only 150 Euros.


Growing grass under trees and bushes is no easy task and will require constant attention. Needles will continuously need to be cleaned up. Even a heavy downfall will still leave the ground under trees relatively dry, so additional watering, feeding (and maybe soil treatment) will  be needed.


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natural, organic, green