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About Us

We are a British internet business with a presence in Spain offering its services and products in countries in the Mediterranean.
We grow and sell grass (grass plugs, grass seed and grass turf) and artificial grass to customers who are serious about their lawns.
We also sell grass lawn products (fertilisers, weed killers etc) to enhance the service to our customers.
All of the products have been tested by us.
We cannot give advice about specific lawn problems and always recommend employing the services of a good gardener.
We can on occasions also provide lawn care, gardening and lanscaping services.
We regularly work with and supply lawn projects to clients and/or their gardeners.
All our Products and Services we provide are chargeable and the prices are shown clearly on the relevant pages on the website.
The Terms and Conditions under which we supply these products and services are also shown on the website.

To further enhance our customer service, we also provide some additional free services with some orders e.g. "Planting and Aftercare Guides",
but for a complete list of the benefits of using lawns in spain see
"why use lawns in spain."
Our website contains lots of information and is there to provide help and advice for customers prior to placing an order.
We are not a telephone information service or a general advice forum.

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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green