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Artificial Grass in Spain - What they don't tell you.

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We receive a lot of questions from villa owners in Spain about the principles behind low maintenance drought resistant grasses for lawns. The advantages are understandable and clear to all. And whether you believe that warm season grasses are the grass equivalents to cacti or that they just need less water, then the arguments for their use are pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

Not so with Artificial or Synthetic Grass. In comparison with real grass, the underlying problems with Artificial grass are numerous, and are well documented in America where artificial or synthetic grass has been used for many years.

It does not take a lot of searching on the Internet to uncover some rather disturbing facts about Artificial or synthetic Grass. Facts that are not freely given when purchasing it.

artificial lawns in spain. artificial grass. artificial lawns.

Artificial Lawns in Spain. Artificial lawns. Artificial grass.
artificial lawns in Spain. artificial grass. artificial lawns.
Artificial grass prices could be as low as 5.00 euros per M2.
Now add the cost of installation and it's still THE MOST EXPENSIVE OPTION !!

So you have decided on an instant lawn solution with artificial grass, but is it the right choice - read our email message to youDear Customer...

Thank you for contacting Lawns in Spain.

We get a lot of inquiries from people that have tried a real grass lawn and failed,
but 99% have converted to us
because after our advice
and looking into the complete cost (including fitting)
they realise that by using
a grass specialist
and benefitting from our extensive wesite advice
on how to grow,
they achieved the lawn they wanted in the first place at far less cost.

As you will see, we advise on Artificial Grass but do not sell it.

After reading the Artificial Grass page I hope we can interest you in Real Grass,
successful and cheaper alternatives.

There are many arguments put forward for Artificial, Synthetic, Plastic grass, Fake Grass. And there are many reasons why people decide upon plastic lawns. Indeed for many commercial installations Artificial Grass makes a lot of sense.

But here are just a few general problem questions with Artificial Grass in domestic situations...

The life expectancy of Artificial Grass can range from 2 - 5 years. After 2 years it can start to shed (poor tuft bind), show poor climatic dimensional stability (movement in turf with temp), begin to seam rupture (joining the pieces of turf), exhibit over fibrilation, show signs of UV Breakdown. It may also have a high lead content & be toxic, and more.... 

* Does it repair itself?

* Will it lift up, ripple, or even blow away in high winds?

* If I have a party and somebody spills drink (Alcohol) does it discolour ?

* We have never seen an artificial grass installation where you cannot see the joins ! 

* Around my pool, will it discolour with the chlorine in the pool water?

* Does its colour fade over time?

* If I use it to practice Golf, will I get "Club Burn"?

* In smoking areas, will it show brown marks when customers stub out their cigarettes?

* You don't see artificial grass at Wimbledon for a good reason - It doesn't stand the wear and it doesn't repair itself !

Fact: As everybody knows, put plastic items in the sun in Spain and they will rot - super fast !!

Plastic chairs, loungers, pool nets, watering cans, buckets, bowls, there is even a manufacturers sun warning on garden equipment such as strimmers and lawn mowers. And the thinner the material, e.g. polythene sheeting, the faster it rots and goes brittle. You're lucky if it lasts a couple of years. We've all seen it and been there.

These facts are indisputable. 

So are plastic grass manufacturers trying to tell us that plastic grass lasts and looks good for 8 years. Get real !!

Oh yes, and for those hardened skeptics, can anyone explain how a "Manufacturers 5 year guarantee" works in Spain?

You have plastic items in your garden - ask yourself the question ??

These are just some of the issues that you will see in published articles on the internet.

If you really want a quick and easy lawn solution see our Easy Lay Lawn

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For more background information read:
* New Jersey Work Environment Council Facts Sheet .... Artificial lawns in Spain. artificial grass. artificial lawns.

* The Telegraph - "Faking a lawn is not the solution"

* Fake Turf blog

* Pros and Cons of Artificial Turf. - Moms Team

* Daily Mirror -  FIFA bosses urged to investigate health risks of 3G pitches after claims they're linked to cancer.

(Note: There are many types of Artificial grass, some better than others. The facts in the above articles are freely available on the Internet, the decision is yours.)

Lawns in Spain does not sell Artificial Grass, but we do sell a much better solution - Natural Real "Alicante" Grass.

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artificial grass. synthetic grass.
artificial grass. synthetic grass.