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Lawn Turf

turf grass. turf lawns. turf for lawns. lawn turf. grass turf. turf. Lawn turf has always been a great solution if you want an instant lawn. However here in Spain, turf is not a very common commodity and can be on very long delivery. It can also be very expensive. However for those of you that want turf we now stock two types.

We also supply Easy Lay Lawns (pre-grown Lawn Packs) which are a new innovative and easier alternative to turf.

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turf grass. turf lawns. turf for lawns. lawn turf. grass turf. turf.

For the purposes of this site, we are discussing Lawn Turf as in squares or rolls of grass. In America, Turf is a general description of lawn grass. For the repair of existing lawns see our Instant Lawn Repair Patches

Turf is a great solution for an instant lawn, but after the turf has been laid it must be watered every day to keep it alive.

Here are some reasons why turf can be a problem here in Spain..
o Turf is not grown in the Mediterranean area. It is shipped in from either Northern Spain or France - neither of which have climatic conditions similar to Mediterranean Spain, and often the shock is too much for the grass.
o Because of this the Turf is often on long delivery.
o Small amounts are not possible. You will generally have to order a minimum amount (usually by the palette).
o Quality turf is expensive (at least twice as much as plugs/M2). I have not found quality turf less than 10 euros per M2.
o Laying turf is not easy and should be done by a specialist.
o Watering new turf can be very time consuming.
As an example for water to penetrate the turf, it could need as much as 50 litres/M2 of laid turf every time you water.

That's about 10 times more water than seed or plugs.

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So be assured - If you are choosing turf as a lawn repair, unless you address the reasons for your original lawn dying, then laying turf will result in the same outcome within one season.

As a grower, the problem with turf is that you need to keep it growing, keep it cut and keep it green. When an order is received, it must be cut, collected, rolled, shipped and planted in a very short space of time. When ordering turf, try to find out what type of grass you are purchasing, ask if it is free of weeds, and most importantly try to purchase the turf from a similar climate zone.

Turf is also not cheap. If speed is not observed, the turf turns yellow or dies within days, and therefore must be planted immediately. Warm season grasses have roots that go down over 1 meter so cutting turf to a depth of 2" is stressful to the grass.

Planting Grass Plugs

We have found that closer plant spacings of the plugs together with sowing the correct seed, will give you a green lawn in around 10 - 14 days (faster than the delivery time for turf). It is also cheaper than turf (at least 2 times cheaper - maybe more).

See information on planting grass plugs.

Laying Turf

Whatever you decide ground preparation is important. Laying turf on unprepared ground DOES NOT WORK. We have had many clients that have tried and failed within one summer. The turf starts off looking good and gets progressively worse.

So before you start here are the steps for laying turf..
o Make sure your soil is OK, why not let us do a soil test for you, so you know what type of soil you have and what to do to correct it.
o On receipt of the turf, store in the shade, keep moist and lay within 48 hours.
o Follow all the guidelines for leveling and preparing your ground in laying a new lawn.
o Remember to level to 2.5 cms BELOW the final lawn level to allow for the thickness of the turf.
o Work from a board of plank, to spread the load, so that the turf is not damaged.
o Lay the turf with the seams (joins) staggered.
o Roll, to level the ground.
o Water in thoroughly. Depending on the time of year, you will need to water every day with a deep watering regime for about 3 weeks. The amount of water will be immediate and large, because the water needs to penetrate at least 2.5 cms for the entire area of the lawn, and this needs to be repeated until established. Not so with grass plugs.

As an example the turf could need as much as 50 liters/M2 of laid turf every time you water.
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Turf Choices:

We have two great types of turf to suit the season.

Type 1) Summer Turf - A beautiful warm season Mediterranean Bermuda Hybrid Turf.

Type 2) Winter Turf - English Green (type "P" and  "F"  mix turf).
See our products page for prices and ordering.

But whatever the choice, if you lay warm season turf, we recommend over seeding in the Autumn with cool season grass.

If you lay cool season turf, we recommend plugging with warm season grass plugs in the Spring.

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turf grass. turf lawns. turf for lawns. lawn turf. grass turf. turf.
turf grass. turf lawns. turf for lawns. lawn turf. grass turf. turf.