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Artificial Grass versus Real Grass in Spain - The facts and the fiction

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'Grama' is Spanish for Grass. 'Cesped' is Spanish for Lawn.

Real grass (with some exceptions)  is softer underfoot than artificial grass.
Although some grasses are coarse, most real grasses are a lot softer than artificial.

You could have a real grass lawn in less time than it takes to order and deliver artificial.
Real grass always stays cool.
Real grass repairs itself.

Artificial grass needs no maintenance. Not quite true. Artificial grass needs regular sweeping to remove dead leaves, other rubbish and crisp packets. It also need washing to keep it clean.
One of the main problems with natural grass lawns in Spain is that the grass is much more coarse and harder to the touch. This is complete nonsense and probably originates from a misconception that "Grama Basta" is the only grass species in Spain. Try walking barefoot on some of the Bermuda or Bentgrass hybrids and you will be impressed.
The grass we normally get in Northern Europe is Rye Grass (a fine bladed grass). Actually the most popular lawn grasses in Northern Europe are Poa's and Fescues which are classified as fine bladed grass. Rye Grass is a medium bladed grass.
Grasses survive here in Spain because they are tougher, broader bladed and rougher to the touch. Rubbish, mediterranean (Spanish) grasses survive the climate because they are different species and have deeper root systems. 
Growing Grass in Spain is difficult. Rubbish. Walk down any street and you will see grass growing between the paving slabs or poking up through the asphalt - Nobody looks after it! We are talking grass here - not Orchids.
Lawns in Spain are difficult and costly to maintain - Rubbish - Try maintaining a swimming pool. Now that is real cost!
Artificial grass costs you virtually nothing to maintain. Rather misleading. An average lawn installation may cost around 3,000 euros and lasts a few years (warrantees are sometimes 8 year). Even if the grass lasts 5 years the cost of the grass would be 3,000/5 euros. This isn't rocket science and anyone with a pocket calculator can work out That's a depreciation cost of 600 euros per year. I have yet to find a single real grass lawn owner that spends 600 euros a year on his lawn. 

PS:- A grass lawn is forever - it doesn't wear out, but there are clearly advantages in no mowing, fertilising, watering etc!