The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Real Grass Lawns Made Easy

Growing a real grass lawn is not difficult - Hey we are not trying to grow orchids - ITS GRASS.

There are really only 5 steps to a great lawn......

1) Choose the right grass.

2) Have the right soil.

3) Water at the appropriate rate

4 Feed with the right product, at the right rate and the right time
(Reality check: Fertiliser is a lot cheaper than buying more plugs.)

5) Mow frequently at the right height

(All of the above points can be found on our website)

Plus, we now have great news for people who need help with a new or existing lawn. We now have videos of the different types of Lawn Grasses to help you see exactly what each type of lawn grass looks like, close up.

Just go to our Grass Gallery to get started.
As well as the grass descriptions, we now have a video clip of each grass type.

After that we will advise you with the next 4 steps to a great lawn - easy as that.

natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green