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Artificial Grass and Cockroaches.

So you have decided on an instant lawn solution with artificial grass - but is it the right choice?

There are many arguments put forward for Artificial, Synthetic, Plastic grass, Fake Grass. And there are many reasons why people decide upon plastic lawns. Indeed for many commercial installations Artificial Grass makes a lot of sense.

Here is another problem with Artificial Grass which has come to light:-



We as a business get to see and hear about many problems with Lawns.

In the past people in conversation would mention Cockroaches from time to time, mainly interested to know if we would recommend a decent Pest Control Company.

This used to be a random occurrence where coincidentally clients had also got Artificial Grass.


However the instances have become more frequent, (and especially on Urbanisations) and one day a client inadvertently gave me the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

He had just recently had artificial grass fitted, and after that noticed he had a cockroach problem.


Cockroaches are usually seen at night. After dark they can be seen climbing up walls, walking along pavements and sometimes be seen in the house.

But during the day Cockroaches retreat to a dark place to sleep, and now as well as hiding underneath decking can also be  found hiding underneath artificial grass.

Footnote: We are now seeing increased infestations of Cockroaches, Fleas, Ticks and Woodlice under Artificial Grass Lawns.


For Background Artificial Grass Problems see...

Lawns in Spain does not sell Artificial Grass, but we do sell a safer substitute that is of no interest to Cockroaches, Fleas, Woodlice or Ticks - Our advice - Stick with Real Grass its natural and a lot safer.

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