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Artificial Grass - Higher Council Tax.

Homeowners should pay higher council tax if they have gardens with artificial grass or paving as they are bad for the environment, scientists have said.

esearchers from the University of Sheffield said homeowners should be given financial incentives like lower council tax to keep natural grass and fill their gardens with flowers and trees. The university study said this was more beneficial to the environment and wildlife.

Some cities have lost as much as 50pc of their green garden space during the last two decades, which is fuelling rising urban temperatures and biodiversity decline, the report said.

Prof Ross Cameron, an expert in landscape horticulture at the university, said: “Gardens account for a third of all our urban areas and are vital spaces in terms of keeping our buildings and city environments cool in summer, absorbing rain to avoid flash flooding and providing an important refuge for wildlife.

“Gardens need to be green and full of plants to be beneficial to the local environment, and some types of garden are more beneficial than others.”

Prof Cameron said many gardens “are not actually green” and some trends in garden design such as hard landscaping can be “very damaging for the urban environment”.

He said: “We have paved them over to house the car, or provide sterile patio space; factors that increase urban temperatures and increase flooding risk.”

Article by Story by Alexa Phillips (Printed by the Telegraph)

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