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Artificial Grass, The Environment and Waste Water.

There is no defense for laying Artificial Grass.

There is a heap load of evidence why artificial grass is bad for you and your children's health.

But enough of this. 

People talk about how much water they need for a lawn...


Most people in the Med have the wrong grass and are wasting their time and water, trying to keep it alive.

Most people have no idea how much water they are using for their lawn (the impression is often "a lot")

Most people have no idea how much water they are wasting.


Do you know....

1) How much water you are wasting?

2) How much water your lawn needs? 


I know! A few years ago I bothered to collect the water from my wife's washing machine. Per wash load (even on economy) I collected almost 100 Litres per wash. (i.e. enough to water 50M2 of lawn). This is not typical as most families wash more than once a week.

I wont go into how much water is wasted when you backwash your pool - its horrendous.


So you will find that 1 above is more than enough to provide for 2 above. Lets not hear any more rubbish about watering a lawn!

And soon, the trend will be that Artificial (Fake) Grass will be taxed!

See also: Real Problems with Arificial Grass

Lawns in Spain does not sell Fake Grass, but we do sell a much safer substitute - Real Grass. Our advice for health and the planet would be buy natural.

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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green