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Automatic Irrigation

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I get more requests from villa owners about automatic irrigation systems than anything else.

Most brown patches in lawns can be attributed to the owner, the gardener or the irrigation system.

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garden irrigation systems. Automatic garden irrigation systems.

It delivers water evenly across your lawn!

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Irrigation - It's a bit like Insurance

Most people sleep at night knowing their irrigation system that they have installed has taken all the hassle out of watering their lawn. Until they start to see brown, dead grass patches in their lawn. The possibility that  the irrigation system is not doing the job it was intended for does not cross peoples minds. There are many pitfalls with irrigation systems. The most common misconception is that there must be something else wrong with the lawn ". I have an automatic irrigation system therefore the world is at peace" - NOT SO.

However, if you have a lawn that is too large and impractical to water by hand then an irrigation system is a great time saver.

I get a lot of lawn inquiries from people with brown, dead patches of lawn, where the problems turns out to be that large areas of lawn are just not getting any water.

You see its not just got to be installed - its got to work!! Its got to deliver water evenly across all of  your lawn!! This part seems to elude people. One part of the lawn being delivered twice as mush water as another part of the lawn is the difference in rainfall between Spain and England.

Pressure - It's the difference between Pressure and Capiliary action
FACT: Most irrigation systems fail due to pressure related issues.
Our system uses capiliary action NOT pressure

So here are some tips that will help you. "Too little too often", "It keeps breaking down" "timer set wrong" and "pressure keeps changing", Read on for 7 tips for your irrigation system...

1) Tip to measure volume of water: Cut the bottoms out of 5 litre plastic water bottles and place them on your lawn. You will then have a accurate measurement in inches (or cms) of how much water each area is getting. Average out this figure and multiply by the surface area of your lawn and you will then know how much water in M3 you are applying to your lawn.
2) Too little too often
With the right type of warm season grass, you will only need to water your lawn to keep it looking green and not to keep it alive. Remember watering only the surface will benefit the weeds over the grass.
3) It keeps breaking down
Irrigation systems get furred or silted up so need regular maintenance. For best results, shut off the water to the system, drain and clean each zone separately. Also drain the main supply line from the house.
Basically change or service your system or change your gardener.
4) The timer is set wrong.
Unless you are away from your house, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER set the system to automatic. It wastes water and the grass often doesn't need it. Instead switch it on and switch it off - you will save enormous amounts of water and save on water bills.
5) Its watering my house and my neighbors garden
Again change your system or change your gardener - you will save money.
6) The pressure keeps changing
You need to install an extra water pump.
7) My Gardener is lazy he won't do what I tell him.
Get another gardener. Remember you're the client.
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garden irrigation systems. Automatic garden irrigation systems.
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