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If you do not have the time or resources to aerate your lawn, why not let natures little helpers (earthworms) do it for you.

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How do I know if my soil needs aerating

1) If there is excessive water run off, when watering the lawn. This indicates a compacted soil.

2) Dig a garden fork into the soil to about 6". When you remove the fork, if the soil sticks to the fork you need to aerate. After aerating you should also top dress with a mixture of sand and peat to improve the openness of the soil.

3) Screwdriver test - If you cannot insert a large screwdriver 6" into the damp soil - then it needs aeration.

What type of earthworm.

Well isn't a worm a worm? No, there are many species of earthworms, only some of which are suitable for lawns. For example the type that you find in your compost heap are not suitable because they are too small and are not prepared to go down into the soil to do the aerartion work you need. Our earthworms are selected for the purpose.

When to let the earthworms loose.

* Earthworms like the soil moist but not wet.
* Lawns should be thoroughly watered a day before letting loose the earthworms.
* Let the earthworms loose at dusk - a few dozen earthworms will be enough for about 100M2. 

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natural, organic, green
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