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Eco Grass

All of our grasses are chosen to be ECO friendly Grasses. We have chosen species that will survive on little or NO Watering and most are low maintenance.

*) Did you know that a 60M2 area of grass produces enough oxygen to support one adult.
*) A turf area 50' x 50' (15M x 15M) produces enough oxygen to meet the everyday needs of a family of four.
*) Each acre of grass produces enough oxygen for 64 people a day.
*) The grass and trees along Americas interstate system produce enough oxygen to support 22 million people!

NOTE: Survey data was collected by the Maryland Agricultural Statistics Service which also tabulated the results and wrote the findings.

This information provided by The Lawn Institute

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Why ECO friendly grass

Eco friendly grass can reduce your maintenance time and costs. With Eco friendly grasses you can choose not to mow, reduce the watering, cut back on the fertilizer and aeration, so saving you time and money and helping to create a healthier environment .

All of our grasses are eco friendly. Unlike mixes that you buy from garden centers, those retails blends are made to cover the widest range of conditions possible so they can be sold anywhere, this results in a blend that is often wrong for your application and often has been sitting on a shelf or warehouse for many years. They also contain many low grade filler grasses that make up the bulk of the package to reduce the cost. 

Grass, Oxygen and Global Warming

Our air is cleansed by plants through the process of photosynthesis. Green plants take in carbon dioxide and water and use the energy from sunlight in photosynthesis, which produces carbohydrates for the plant to live off of and releases the true breath of life ... pure oxygen.
And while Real Green Grass is not the complete solution, irresponsible people who are concerned about global warming but still install plastic grass solutions should take a hard look at what they are contributing to global warming.

Reduce your mowing time or don't mow at all!

An Eco friendly grass is a slow growing grass that has a texture, density, and a low-growing habit so you don't have to mow it if you don't want to!  
We also have ECO friendly grasses that require NO WATERING!

Drought Tolerant

Eco friendly Grasses are drought tolerant - that's why we chose them.  They don't require the amount of water that typical lawn grasses demand. Eco friendly grass also creates roots that grow deep into the ground, so Eco friendly grass can seek out needed nutrients and water naturally, thus eliminating the need for watering. Eco friendly grass is perfect for areas where water conservation is important and is excellent for establishing new lawns, green areas, erosion buffers and bank stabilizations.

No fertilizers or chemicals required!

Eco friendly grasses, unlike traditional turf grasses, create a deep root systems. They will make roots over 1 meter deep in hard pan clay soils and more than this  in sandy soils! These deep root systems enable our Eco friendly grasses to naturally source the nutrients they require from the soil, so you don't need to add as much chemical fertilizers, unless there is an inherent imbalance in the soil.

We used to sell Artificial (Plastic Grass), but our conscience would not let us continue to contribute to Global Warming and Climate Change and we felt this it was our responsibility to contribute something to help the situation. Companies that are selling plastic grass are continuing to avoiding their responsibility in the light of world wide legislation with respect to plastic bags and plastic generally!!

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