You CAN grow a real green English lawn in Spain if you choose the right type of grass!!

english lawns in spain english lawns in spain english lawns in spain english lawns in spain english lawns in spain

Real Grass Lawn Specialists

The Mediterranean coast of Spain has its own special weatherSpain Weather

Spain's Climate, annual temperatures and the Spanish Costas own unique weather
and soil typesSoil Testing

What type of soil do you have? We test soil types and soil pH. We also have a soil analysis postal service
. It is not the same as anywhere else in the world. So browsing the internet for help with your english lawn results in either UK solutions or American solutions - neither are truly representative of the growing conditions in our Spanish Climate. We specialise in english lawns in Spain. We provide advice and grass products to Gardeners, Villa Owners, Urbanisations, Management Companies and Golf, Tennis and Bowls Clubs. 

How green is your english lawn?Rate your Lawn

If your english lawn has only 50% of its grass growing, then it scores 5 out of 10

The english lawn story so far
Most peoples' experiences with real english lawns in their garden in Spain, start with the dream of a english lawn like the one on the left. So they purchase turf or the cheapest option, purchasing english lawn seed mixtures. 

After the initial euphoria the drudge of watering becomes too much effort, and (generally to the detriment of the english lawn) the watering is reduced to a minimum. This inevitably means that the finer greener grasses die and the coarser grasses survive until the next watering. Unfortunately now the english lawn only contains mostly unwanted coarse grasses, it looks patchy and it doesn't look like a new lawnNew Lawn

More information to help create beautiful lawns in Spain - Planting and creating a new lawn, ground preparation including killing weeds, lawn planting, leveling, raking, rolling and soil testing.
any more. Our grasses have been chosen to meet most peoples needs for a green english lawn here in Spain.

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If you have chosen to lay turf, more than likely it is because you wanted an immediate solution for a green instant lawnInstant Lawn

Planting an instant lawn with grass plugs, a more cost effective lawn solution for an instant lawn.
. Turf is not easily found here in Spain because its maintenance prior to sale is so high. Nobody wants to buy yellow or dead looking turf, so the turf grower has to constantly maintain its look with water and fertilizer until it is sold. When you lay your newly purchased turf english lawn, this instant solution looks great but immediately requires copious amounts of water EVERY DAY to maintain its lush green look. After the initial period, watering your new lawnNew Lawn

More information to help create beautiful lawns in Spain - Planting and creating a new lawn, ground preparation including killing weeds, lawn planting, leveling, raking, rolling and soil testing.
(whether a lawn sprinkler system or lawn irrigation system is installed or not) is skimped on or reduced, and the english lawn suffers. Basically things go from great to not so great and eventually a very patchy substandard english lawn is the result. Because of the expense of water here in Spain, most people at this point either give up and put gravel down or concrete the area.

If you chose english lawn seed for your new lawnNew Lawn

More information to help create beautiful lawns in Spain - Planting and creating a new lawn, ground preparation including killing weeds, lawn planting, leveling, raking, rolling and soil testing.
, then after daily attempts to keep the english lawn seed from drying out, the result (after the birds and the ants) is a disappointing, patchy grass solution that has resulted in disappointment. Then re-seeding to fill in the gaps is necessary. Also, be prepared for more weed because english lawn grass seed can contain up to 5% of weed seeds!

Our green grass plugs are a great solution for a beautiful green garden english lawn in Spain. They are not cuttings, but completely rooted pieces of english lawn. The english lawn begins modestly and cheaply, with no failures, it's NOT an instant lawnInstant Lawn

Planting an instant lawn with grass plugs, a more cost effective lawn solution for an instant lawn.
solution, it's like a good wine, it gets better with time. The investment in your english lawn can start from as little as 4 euros per M2. After watering the green grass plugs for the first three weeks after planting you do not need to water again (except for prolonged periods of draught), thus eliminating the need for expensive irrigation systems. However after the 3 - 4 week point you may want to continue watering until the green grass plugs join up into an established english lawn. This greatly speeds up the timescale for a complete english lawn and increases the return from your investment. 

Because of the deep roots, our green grasses are drought resistant and thrive in hot, dry conditions. The english lawn actually gets better with time. Once established, our green grasses grow slowly and need much less cutting. They do not propagate easily from seed, therefore we propagate the grass for you, and once established the grass is ready to transplant into your new or old english lawn. You don't need any more than this for a wonderful green perfect english lawn in less than one season, and depending on the planting distancesSpacing Examples

Planting Grass Plugs, Grass Plugs, Spacing Examples
can be much less.

Once your grass plugs are planted your english lawn just gets better.

Our choice of warm season grasses

What are warm season grasses? We have the latest types of drought resistant, low mow green grasses from America and South Africa. These grasses grow in the summer months and go dormant in the winter.

We now have a selection of warm season grassesReal green grass and the difference between warm season grass and cool season grass. in stock that will flourish here in Spain. These grasses are only avaiable direct from us in Med. They have been selected by us to produce the best green english lawn for your needs and also ensure the least amount of watering, feeding, maintenance and cutting. 

We propagate all our green grasses by stolons (runners) not seed, because in most cases the seed is sterile. So because of this, we produce planted trays of rooted grass plugs. Also our grasses produce very little or no pollen, so not aggravating Hay Fever sufferers.

They do NOT need irrigation systems (unless of course irrigation is required for ease and speed of english lawn watering over large areas) and our real green grass english lawn solutions can work out to be over 10 times less expensive than artificial/synthetic grass. The reason for this is simple. If you are working to a budget, instead of a large initial cost outlay, you can buy the product at a reasonable price to suit your budget, and then apply your time and water, and watch your english lawn grow.

Some of our Grasses see more...

Med Lush

Good for a green vista that will require little water and very little lawn mowing.

Med Green

Good for that English green lawn, but must be kept in check, stressed and cut to keep the grass fine and low.

Med Fine

Great if you want almost zero lawn mowing and watering. Ideal if you want to produce a nice english lawn or sports field. But also suitable for a putting green grassPutting Green Grass

How to create your putting green lawn, making a putting green lawn in your backyard, making a home putting green, converting part of your lawn into a putting green.
to produce a low cost, low maintenance putting green lawnPutting Green Lawn

How to create your putting green lawn, making a putting green lawn in your backyard, making a home putting green, converting part of your lawn into a putting green.
or to practice your english lawn bowls on your private english lawn bowling greenLawn bowls, lawn bowls products, bowling green, outdoor bowls, outdoor bowling green, lawn bowling, bowles, bowling lawns, bowling green lawn.

  See all of our different types of grass.

Advantages of our Green Grasses in Spain

Only Natural Grasses We suggest only appropriate natural green grasses that will grow in your location. Anybody can grow Wembley turf or a putting green lawnPutting green lawn

How to create your putting green lawn, making a putting green lawn in your backyard, making a home putting green, converting part of your lawn into a putting green..
, but it's time consuming, costly, high maintenance, high watering and needs frequent mowing and feeding. 

Temperature A real green grass english lawn is up to 20 degrees cooler than concrete or gravel. 

From an ECO point of view A real grass english lawn produces enough oxygen per day to support a family of four. 

Carbon footprint Natural green grass is a truly sustainable product and of course has no manufacturing drawbacks. 

Cut your water bill The vigorous root system is so deep and extensive the green grass rarely, if ever, needs watering – so can really cut your water bill.

Reduce mowing The lateral growth of our green grass means it grows laterally very quickly and tall very slowly – most people mow once for every three times they need to mow other grasses! 

Thrives in heat and cold "The hotter it gets, the better it grows." Our green grass loves blistering heat and yet it won’t die in winter. It’s perfect for extreme conditions as well as mild climates.

Chokes out crabgrass and weeds all summer long Once established your english lawn grows so thick with deep grass roots that it will eliminate crabgrass, and other weed seeds cannot germinate. 

Reduced chemicals Since our green grass naturally resists insects and diseases, you avoid the cost, time and risk of exposing your family and pets to weed killers and pesticides. 

Never needs replacement – even heals itself. It’s beautiful and tough. The way it naturally grows outward along the ground in all directions. It acts like a network of plants that can withstand heavy use, and will fill in if damaged. THE answer for slopes, play areas and bare spots. You can't beat it for hard to cover spots, worn areas or to end soil erosion on slopes. It even levels out ground irregularities. 

Artificial/Synthetic Grass The drawbacks are that there is no fabulous cut-green grass smell, there are fewer worms for the birds, because worms don't live under the artificial/synthetic grass, and it warms up a bit in the sun, so you might need a rug or towel to sit on when it's really hot.'

Your english lawn Location

* Will the area to be planted receive a minimum of 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day?

* Will the area to be planted be in the shade - maybe under a tree? 

* Does your area suffer from drought conditions and water restrictions or watering bans? 

* Would you like to virtually eliminate watering your garden lawn

* Do you regularly have summer days that exceed 80f degrees in temperature? 

* Do you have slopes and hilly areas that are difficult to grow grass on? 

* Do you want to choke out summer weeds and crab grass without using pesticides? 

* Do you worry about your children or pets exposure to chemicals? 

* Are you having trouble growing green grass in sandy soil conditions, heavy clay soil, or stony soil conditions? 

* Do you have difficulty growing grass because of salty air? 

* Do you require green grass garden lawn that will stand up to heavy traffic? 

* Are you looking for a green grass garden english lawn that will not produce pollen? 

* Do you want to reduce the number of times you cut your green grass each month? 

* Would you like the ability to transplant your own plugs to a new area? 

* Do you want a soft, plush garden english lawn that is pleasant to walk on, even in bare feet? 

If you live in Spain and have answered yes to any of these questions - you need to contact us

Grass Seed, Plugs or Turf?

Grass Seed

Lawn seedingSeeding a lawn, Sowing grass seed, lawn seeding, grass seed, grass seeding would at first seem a great solution. You can buy grass seed for a little as 10 euros per kilo. Unfortunately with grass seed you get what you pay for. If you are a serious gardener, you could purchase specialist grass seed from a specialist grass seed supplier, but this could cost you 100 euros per Kilo and on previous results with grass seed mixtures, do you have the confidence to chance it? 

Grass seed is very fragile and can be difficult to establish. Seeding seeds and seedling care for warm season grasses must be done during the warmest times of the year when soil moisture levels are hard to control. Extreme vigilance must be used to keep the seed and seedlings from drying out. During establishment, numerous waterings (approximately 339 gallons of water or irrigation per acre or 1/8 inch of rainfall each day) may be required to prevent the roots from drying out and dying. 

Grass seed is renowned for its low germination rate. Once the seed has germinated, invariably a second seeding is required to fill in the gaps.

Birds love to eat grass seed, and once the seeds are found they will disturb the soil to find more, and Ants will remove vast amounts of seed to bring to their nest. What with birds and pests and the seed dying out during the germination process, an apparent low cost seed solution turns out to be a disappointing substandard result. 

Smaller leafed and finer seeded grasses require more watering. More watering means faster growth, faster growth results in more mowing. When these attributes are achieved, often other characteristics, particularly winter hardiness, are compromised. 

Grass seed is more suited to golf course and landscape professionals that have the time to devote to nurturing seed. 

Grass Plugs

Grass plugsGrass Plugs

Planting Grass Plugs, Grass Plugs
provide a growing, pre-rooted plant. Our vegetatively propagated plants maintain consistent genetic attributes from the original plants released by the Department of Agriculture. This ensures a uniform appearance and growth habit. 

Grass plugs only need daily watering of 10-15 minutes (or 50 - 100 cc of water per plug) for the FIRST THREE WEEKS ONLY. 

Plugs may be planted when soil temperatures are 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Seed is very sensitive to light and must be planted at a proper depth to ensure it gets just the right amount of sunlight needed to grow. 

Plugs have uniform appearance and growth habit, and will cover the planted area in less than one season. << --- From this to this --->> 

Grass Turf

We can now supply lawn turf.Lawn Turf

Lawn Turf, Turfing a lawn, Laying Turf, Grass Turf
But why not try our solution for your almost instant english lawn (just add water) is a 3" planting which can result in an almost instant lawn in around a month. This is the equivalent of the time that it would take for turf to knit together and get established. It is however the most expensive of our english lawn solutions, but is still cheaper than artificial/synthetic plastic grass.

How to Grow a Real Green Grass english lawn in Spain

STOP!!  - You CAN grow a real green grass English lawn in Spain if you choose the right type of grass!!

It stands to reason that plants growing in the Mediterranean climate here in Spain need different growing conditions than anywhere else in the world. So growing real green grass in Spain is simply a matter of choosing the right type of grass. Go to a garden center and they will have a selection of gramas (Spanish for grasses) in packets of seed. Unfortunately they are mixes of several types of grass and are at best a compromise. Anyone who has been down this route will quickly realise that a cheap solution in a seed box does not produce the english lawn that you require. At best this is ok, if you have 7 days a week to spare and plenty of water on tap or you have a list of english lawn care companies. 

We supply green grass plants that are endemic to hot climates, and therefore suited to growing in Spain. You choose the colour and the expected usage that you require. Growing plants in the right climate is just a matter of selection. For example you would not attempt to grow Cacti or Orange trees in your garden in the UK, likewise you cannot expect to grow Northern Climate (cool season) grasses here in Spain. So after selecting your type of Hot Climate grass it's just a matter of tradeoffs - watering a lawnWatering a Lawn

Watering a lawn, lawn irrigation, when to water a lwn, watering lawns, watering lawn, how to water a lawn, watering a new lawn, irrigation.
versus Cutting and Maintenance. 

See our different types of grass...

Site Preparation, Lawn Soil and Planting

Site Preparation

Ground preparation is the most important part of owning and maintaining a new real green grass english lawn. See planting a new lawnMore information to help create beautiful lawns in spain - Planting and creating a new lawn, ground preparation including killing weeds, lawn planting, leveling, raking, rolling and soil testing. This ground preparation may seem overkill as the whole process will take at least  4 - 6 weeks from start to finish, and for best result will take longer. Soil pH is a common cause of lawn failure so a Soil Test

Soil testing, soil analysis, soil test
soil test
is highly recommended.

Lawn Soil

Lawn soilLawn soil, lawn soil testing,soil analysis, mail order soil analysis, postal soil analysis. preparation could take even longer, but it pays dividends when the grass is planted. After all, when you start watering your grass plugs, you do not want to be correcting soil levels or watering weeds. 


The planting of the grass plugs is simple. See planting grass plugsGrass Plugs

Planting Grass Plugs, Grass Plugs
and planting and spacing examplesSpacing Examples

Planting Grass Plugs, Grass Plugs, Spacing Examples

When you purchase a lawn solution from us, you do not have to worry about any of this - we work with your gardener to provide an English lawn care maintenance schedule. And you don't have to worry about the season, with our planting scheme, we can plant all year round, including summer, however it is not advisable to plant when it is very cold or when the ground is really wet or liable to flooding. 

And in the Winter months to provide you with a lush green english lawn while your plugs are getting established, we will supply special winter grass seed to overseed your english lawn with.

To help us deal with your Inquiry, please fill in our lawn Inquiry formLawn Inquiry

Or Contact us to ask a lawn question.

If you live or vacation here in Spain, please contact us for a free site survey and free quotation.

English lawn Care, English lawn Aftercare and Lawn Maintenance

Once the grass plugs have been planted, we recommend you water your grass plugs during the first 3 - 4 weeks after planting, and possibly deal with any weeds and apply selective weed killer. Once your garden english lawn is established, your gardener will continue to look after your english lawn on a monthly/weekly basis. We provide customer support on all products and services purchased from us.

Please Inquire for prices. 

Should you not already have a gardener, then our gardening experts page, lists gardeners in your area. We will also continue to provide lawn care advice on this site, detailing recommended english lawn fertilizers, lawn weed killerslawn weed killer spray, lawn weed killer granules, weed killer for lawns, selective weed killer, broad leaf weed killer. (herbicides), lawn mowersLawn Mowers

Electric Lawn Mowers, Hover Lawn Mowers, Reel Lawn Mowers, Cylinder Lawn Mowers, Petrol Lawn Mowers, Rotary Lawn Mowers, Cordless Lawn Mowers, Push Lawn Mowers, Manual Lawn Mowers, Roller Lawn Mowers, Garden Lawn Mowers, Hand Lawn Mowers,  Ride On Lawn Mowers, Lawn Mower Tractor.
, lawn fungicides and general care and maintenance for your type of lawn.

see also our list of gardening experts.

DIY english lawns

If you're keen on gardening, and wish to do-it-yourself, we can supply just the plugs as a DIY english lawn kit.

See our grass types... 

Each english lawn kit contains:

o Grass plugs supplied in trays of 80 grass plugs per tray

o FREE Plugging tool worth over 30 euros.

(for orders placed before the end of August 2010)

Makes easy work of your lawn plugging. 

With the plugger tool you can easily transplant and fix 

bad spots in your english lawn or plant new lawn plugs into your soil.

o Measuring template triangle. (6", 8" or 12" spacing)

o Special watering gun attachment fitted to your garden hose.

(for orders placed before the end of August 2010)

Lawn Help, Lawn Service and english lawn Advice

Please let us know if you already have a english lawn in your garden and just want help and adviceHelp and Advice

Ask a question, free help, lawn help, lawn advice, lawn tips, lawn problems
, or just remedial work. 

Our plugs are an extremely cost effective way of starting a new english lawn, performing a lawn repairLawn Repair

Lawn repair, renovating your lawn, lawn makeover, lawn renovation
, lawn renovation, or improving an existing patchy english lawn. 

Please Inquire for rates.

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