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What is an established Lawn?

An established lawn is the objective of any new lawn or lawn repair. The quicker you can achieve this the better.

So after sowing seed, planting plugs or laying turf, the clock starts to tick, and you need to get your lawn established ASAP.


An established lawn has no bare patches, no bare soil, all the plugs planted have grown together and the turf/plugs are rooted
into the subsoil. Basically an established lawn is thick enough to choke out weeds, keep the temperature of the soil down, keep the sun
from drying out the soil and thus trap more water in the soil.

The requirements for getting to an established lawn will depend on a lot of factors. Seed or Plugs, the ground prep, water (keep the lawn watered and damp), natural rainfall, the daily temperatures, the exposure of the site, the fertiliser, the soil, the frequency of mowing. Once you've got this stage behind you, it's all downhill after that and the benefits are great, because an established lawn means less maintenance.

The reasons you need to get to an established lawn as quickly as possible are:

You can reduce the amount of fertiliser needed to a minimum.

You can reduce the amount of water needed to a minimum.

You can reduce the amount of cutting needed to a minimum.

You can reduce the weed killer to a minimum.

The amount of time it takes to achieve an established lawn will depend on the factors above, but generally around 8 - 12 weeks
(depending on the time of year planted) but if you need a lawn quicker, then increase the number of plugs per M2 that you plant,
water more frequently, buy more fertiliser, cut more often.


All our warm season grasses are drought resistant and by their very nature are capable of surviving, where other grasses do not. This feature makes them an intrusive species.
Ample protection must be in place for flower borders and other areas that these grasses will inevitably invade. In more Northern or wetter climates, or where grown where invasion into finer manicured lawns,
these grasses would be considered as an undesirable invader or indeed a weed. However it is exactly these characteristics that make our grasses desirable for low watering and low maintenance lawns.
Indeed, irrigation, over watering or overfeeding can render these grasses a real problem.

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