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Garden Lawn

A garden lawn is a statement. Whether or not you spend a lot or a little money on it, it is what it is - a Lawn! And whether it's just an area of green grass or a quality bowling green, there is something basic and down to earth about the smell and appearance of a real grass lawn that strikes at the heart strings of the average person.


Peoples treatment of lawns is quite astonishing. 

Spend around 800 to 1000 euros a year on pool maintenance, but ZERO on the lawn.

Spend between 5 to 20 euros per week on a Dog or a Cat, but ZERO on the lawn.

Spend 200 euros every time the car is serviced, but ZERO on a lawn.

Spend ZERO on fertiliser, but keep pouring water on to it, wonder why its not looking good, and then complain about the water bill.

The lawn is expected to grow where nothing else will, on dry stony ground, in a shady spot where nothing grows except moss, on poorly drained boggy soil etc. And then what follows is the expectation that the lawn will manage to conquer the fundamental  issues of food, water and somewhere decent to live, put down roots and raise a family.

Show me a picture of a lawn and I will be able to tell you the level of commitment and spend on that lawn.

And the strangest thing is that when blame is allocated, its the grass that receives the first wave of blame - NAUGHTY GRASS for not growing.

The bottom line is that the owner of a lawn gets the lawn he has worked for.

But wherever, the bottom line is, given commitment to the task, the right type of grass for the situation, and following basic lawn care and lawn maintenance guidelines, a really spectacular lawn will be the result.

Front Lawn

A front lawn is viewed by the general public and passers by. It makes a statement about the owner. Given the choice, the house with the neatly kept front lawn is the house to aspire to. It is the house to want to live in, and it is certainly the house to want to buy. 

Maintaining a real grass lawn is not difficult, but it does require commitment and a similar approach to maintaining a pool. Water just isn't enough.

Done well, it ensures that the perception of the house and its garden is quality and expense. Basically a well kept lawn adds substantial worth to your property.

garden lawn, garden lawn, garden lawn

Backyard Lawn

A backyard lawn or back garden lawn is viewed by the home owner every time Sunday lunch is served, or the rubbish is put outside the kitchen door, or whenever guests are sitting round the dining table. It is soothing and tranquil and a prized possession, similar to the Mercedes or BMW parked in the driveway.

Bottom Line

If you are committed and serious about your lawn then contact us we will be pleased to help. If you are looking for a cheap and quick solution, please look elsewhere.

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