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Lawn Pests and Birds

Birds are only troublesome when a newly sown or overseeded lawn is embarked upon. At all other time birds are welcome visitors to our lawns.

So at these times of the gardening calendar it is imperative that a solution is found for protecting the newly sown seed without harming the bird population.

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Temporary Deterrent

lawn pests.

The days of scarecrows and shotguns are gone, but there are other very successful ways of scaring birds away.

A hunting cat is probably the most successful way of keeping birds at bay, however a cat is permanent and you only really want to deter birds during the sowing seed period.

Covering the seed with a material like geotextil will work, but for large areas a little expensive.

But the most successful, and cheapest ways to deter birds are what Spanish farmers use..

A CD or DVD hanging from a piece of string and left to twirl in the wind. Unfortunately birds get accustomed to this.

Tape, similar to the "Crime Scene" tape that you can buy in rolls. Hung between two sticks this will catch the wind and vibrate wildly.

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lawn pests.
lawn pests.