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Garden Pests - Snails

There are many types of snails, only some of which choose to invade your lawn. But when they do they can chew their way through newly germinated seedlings in super fast time. If you find snails on a newly seeded lawn, then its probably too late.


Snails generally do not pose a threat for an established lawn, the grass is generally too tough. Not so with newly germinate seedlings.

There are a number of things you can do to repel Snails ...

... applying Sulphur (Azulfre), Talcum powder, Vinegar, Lavender or anything smelly. Unfortunately this only deters them and they move somewhere else - not so good on a newly seed lawn where a few thousand ants are persuaded to take the seed they have in their mouth to an alternative location. Killing them is really the only option. We have an effective Ant killer that works in 30 minutes.

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Slugs in Spain are not very common.

For larger quantities of Snail Killer, we sell this in 1/2 Kilo jars. (this is strong and only requires a pinch at a time)

Or if you prefer a visit from a professional, see our Pest Control Service

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