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Garden Pests - Wasps

There are many types of wasps, only some of which choose to invade your lawn or pool. But when they do they can create real problems if you are also hoping to use the same space.

European Wasp

Wasps in my Lawn

By and large wasps are not a problem in gardens. They do not visit flowers to collect nectar or pollen, and they do not (contrary to common belief) sting. The only time wasps sting is when they are threatened (e.g. sat on) or you are invading their nest territory. When you are about 1 meter from a wasps nest they will go into attack and sting mode.

Apart from that wasps can be beneficial to gardens so just hold tight. Firstly they don't eat nectar - But what do they eat??
They eat other harmful insects like aphids and mosquitoes - WOW what about that !!!

Second if you find them in your lawn, they are looking for dead grass (paper wasps make their nest from cellulose plant material).
So get your lawn looking green and they wont bother trying to find dead grass.

Wasps in my pool

Wasps are drawn to water and like to hang around and have a drink or a pool party in your garden too. You can’t control the rain, but if you have an irrigation system try fixing the direction of sprinklers so that it doesn’t wet any possible pavement (wasps like that) or try reducing the watering duration altogether.

Find out where they are coming from and put some water with a little sugar out for them. Clean drinking water versus chlorinated pool water and they wont bother with your pool after that. 

Other solutions for Wasps ...

1) Bottle traps with honey in them.

2) Proprietary wasp traps bought from DIY shops.

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Getting rid of wasps in your garden or from your pool is complicated. Many people have tried and failed. So get a visit from a professional. He will advise you and tell you all the steps you need to take to finally get rid of them. See our Pest Control Service

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