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A garden lawn is a statement. Whether or not you spend a lot or a little money on it, it is what it is - a Lawn! And whether it's just an area of green grass or a quality bowling green, there is something basic and down to earth about a lawn that creates a first impression with an onlooker. 

That is why a lawn makes such a powerful statement about a garden and its gardener.

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Gardeners - Does your work include the maintenance of a grass lawn?

Did you know that a beautiful green lawn is the best testimonial you can get - more so than a neat flower border. 

We are here to help with lawn problems. If you are gardener and your client wants either  a new lawn or has an existing lawn that needs help, we are here to provide all the grass plants and products to ensure a good healthy lawn all year round.

We can deliver the whole kit to you or your client. Complete step by step advice is included with every order*.

We can even provide you with rental or purchase of the right tools for the job.

All our products are home grown or made by ourselves. 

We also provide a soil testing facility if requested. This ensures that what is below the grass is healthy and suitable for growing.

We also offer lawn contracts.


So Gardeners, now that you know we are here to help you... 

1) Don't be palmed off with cheaper untested lawn products from the local garden center - they may work they may not!! 

2) Don't be expected to perform miracles with a zero budget, even a pool needs chemicals.

3) Request the best tried and tested lawn grasses and products from Lawns in Spain. 

4) Don't risk it all going wrong because you have recommended a cheaper or untested product.

So for your own professional reputation, request the right products for the job from Lawns in Spain. 

Get in touch with Lawns in Spain. We offer great discount deals for Gardeners in Spain, and always recommend our clients employ the services of a professional gardener.

And for lawn owners here's how to evaluate your gardener written by Dick and Clodagh Hanscombe

* Terms and Conditions apply.

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