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Grass Colour

The colour of your grass tells you a lot.

And it's not just about being green, yellow or brown.

It's also about drought resistancy and Spring green up.

Grass is green, but comes in various shades and hues of green. For example the colour and texture of your grass can tell you when it needs watering. But there are 2 other subtle clues that the colour will tell you. Leaving aside cool season grasses for the moment. Lets just concentrate on Warm Season grasses.

The two rules for the colour of grass (draught resistance and green up in spring) are...lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges.

1) The first is the deeper green the grass is, the less drought resistant it is. For example Bermuda Grass comes in lots of different shades of green, but the deeper the green generally the more water it will need. Silver grey/green grasses are the most drought resistant.

2) The lighter the shade of green, the faster it will green up in the spring. So the olive gray/green and silvery gray/green grasses will be the last to green up in the Spring and the first to go into dormancy in the Autumn, and the lighter greener grasses (given a mild winter) may not go brown at all.

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So these two rules together with the "stem texture" of the grass will tell you how drought resistant a particular type of grass is.

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