The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Grass Plugs Planting Examples

We have different planting methods to suit your budget: 18", 12", 8", 6" and 3".
18" is the most economical at a cost of 2 euros per M2, and will see you with a lawn in one season. Whereas the 3" planting, although more expensive, can produce a green grass lawn in around 30 days.

Before planting the plugs, we suggest sowing your lawn, with our specially selected grass seed to provide additional green and protection until your plugs establish.

How many grass plugs do I need?

Planting on a 18" x 18", 12" x 12", 8" x 8", 6" x 6" and 3" x 3" triangular grid. The 18 x 18 grid planting is the cheapest, and takes approx one season to 'fill in' the gaps. 6 x 6 planting will give you a full lawn in half this time, depending on how much water the lawn receives during its establishing period. Planting at 3" spacings can provide a complete green lawn in about 1 month. See planting grass plugs.

The spacing examples below show how many plugs you will need for the area of your lawn.

Spacing Examples

18" x 18" 

(4 plugs/M2) 

Cost = 2.0 euros/M2


Planting at 18" apart, will produce a full lawn in one season. However the plugs must be watered and fed regularly to achieve the growth.
12" x 12"

(9 plugs/M2) 

Cost = 4.5 euros/M2

Planting at 12" apart. This will produce a full lawn in one season. However with increased watering and feeding*, results could be dramatically speeded up.

8" x 8"

(25 Plugs/M2)

Cost = 12.5 Euros/M2

Planting at 8" apart, will produce a green grass lawn in less than one season, however is more expensive. Again with extra feeding and watering after the 3 - 4 week point*, results could be dramatically improved.

6" x 6"

(36 plugs/M2)

Cost = 18 Euros/M2

Planting at 6" intervals will produce a complete green grass lawn in half the time of 12" planting.

3" x 3"

(90 plugs/M2)

Cost = 45 Euros/M2

This is the most costly solution, but can provide an almost instant green grass lawn within a month or two. (depending on watering and feeding)*

Growth examples

(Med Lush)

In 21 days we have a 3" patch of lawn.

                      Day 1

                           Day 14

                Day 21

After 30 days the grass starts to send out runners to populate the surrounding soil.


                      Day 30

Growth examples

(Med Green)

Planted at 8" centers after 10 and 25 days

                        Day 10

Day 25

All growth examples above are representative of summer season planting and growth, and are shown without the nursery grass. Growth results will vary depending on season of planting and weather conditions.

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