The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Instant Lawn Repair Patches

We now supply instant lawn repair patches.

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lawn patches costa blanca.

If you have small areas of brown patches or you have areas of dead grass, then we can supply patches for an instant repair.

Sold as pre grown sections of rectangular turf, or trays of instant repair circular turf.

 If you want an almost instant lawn...

Our lawn specialist will call to see you with samples, identify your grass type and repair your lawn with the appropriate instant lawn patch.

No waiting for seed to grow, no need to order large quantities of turf, no need to wait for plugs to knit together. 

We have patches for all our warm season grass types and also many types of English (cold season) grasses.

Min order 12 patches (patches are 4" x .4" diameter round) lawn patches costa blanca.

Patch and Go !! - In an Instant !! 

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