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Lawn Irrigation System Pitfalls

There are many pitfalls with automatic lawn irrigation systems.

One common problem is where the irrigation system has been installed and the low water pressure causes the jets not to pop up, and/or does not deliver the same amount of water all the time. One solution for this is to irrigate the lawn section by section i.e. switch on the sprinklers in rotation so that the whole lawn is covered but only in sections over a period of time.

This of course assumes that a) you are there to do switch each section on/off and b) you are watering an established lawn. Attempting to start a new lawn from seed has its obvious failings. For example....

You are seeding a large lawn (say 600M2) and in order to cover the entire lawn area you have calculated you need 6 sprinklers (each covering approx 100M2), and you will switch on each sprinkler in turn throughout the day. 

The problem with this approach is simple arithmetic....

Rotating the process of turning on each sprinkler in any given hour means that at any given moment only 1/6th of the lawn is getting watered. Or to put it another way - In any given hour 5/6 (over 80%) of the lawn is dry.
This means that very quickly you are watering dead seed.

How to fix lawn low water pressure irrigation system pitfall (1)...

1) Low Water Pressure

Best Fix) Installing a separate pump to increase the water pressure for your irrigation will solve this problem.

Next Best Fix) Install electronically operated water valves, controlled from a central timer and set the timer to cycle a few minutes at a time. 

Lastly - Workaround) Make sure you or someone is on hand to manually switch the system. Be careful with this approach as walking over newly sown seed many times a day will inevitably kill some of the grass.
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