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Lawn Brown Patches

lawn brown patches.

A brown patchy lawn can occur at any time of year and can be caused by many reasons. Below are some of the more common symptoms.

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Dead or Brown Grass

Dead or brown patches in your lawn or a generally patchy lawn can be caused by a number of factors, not just pets:

1) Cold season grasses that have established themselves in a lawn, will die when the weather conditions become unsuitable for their survival. This happens in cold season grasses around April, May, June, when the air temperatures become too high for their survival.

2) Cold season grass that is starved of water - even for a short while at any time of the year will produce a brown lawn or dead lawn. Check your irrigation techniques.

3) An annual fungus that takes hold in certain seasons.

Here are more reasons that need looking at...
4) Pests or grubs in the lawn. This is common in June and July. Seek help form our lawn specialist.
5) Warm season grasses that turn shades of red or brown in the winter.
6) Variations in the strain (and subsequently the trueness to type) of the grass.

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lawn brown patches.
lawn brown patches.