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Lawn Care and Book

Lawn care changes with the seasons.

It also changes with your geographic location and the type of grass you have in your lawn.

In the Mediterranean temperatures are different, rainfall is different, soil is different and the grasses that will grow are different.

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That's why lawn care in Spain is different than in the UK.

Read our new Lawn Care Book to find all the tips and tricks for growing a perfect real grass lawn in Spain.

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General Lawn Care:

Lawn care consists of :

Making sure your soil is suitable for growing a lawn by testing the Soil for pH. and composition.

Keeping the soil open, and suitable for the grass roots to penetrate by Aeration

Allowing the newly formed grass to root into a fresh new compost by Topdressing

Weeds are shallow rooters, grass will win over the weeds by the correct amount of Watering.

Wasting water by watering the weeds in your lawn is crazy, so Weeding needs to be carried out regularly

No plant will grow without the correct nutrients, lawns are no exception, Feeding will ensure a healthy lawn

Regular lawn maintenance involves regular Cutting

And should you end up with brown patches for any reason then Repairing your lawn will keep it looking great.

All these topics are covered in our new Lawn Care Book.

Summer Lawn Care

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Winter Lawn Care

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