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Prisoner of the Lawn Cycle

prisoner lawn cycle. prisoner. lawn cycle prisoner.
The Lawn Cycle I am describing here is not the changes in a lawn seen over the changing seasons. It's the name I have given to the need to rip it all up and start again. It seems to be a fundamental need to purge the lawn and start with a clean slate, rather than find the cause of the problem and fixing it. Being a prisoner trapped in this condition is not easy to escape, because invariably people ask for help, but do not listen to or follow the advice. So why not save time, money and have a beautiful green lawn all year.

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Lawn Cycle Types:

Over the past several years we have identified 5 types of lawn cycle prisoners:

1) "Cost Cycle" Prisoner 1) The origins of this cycle are rooted in peoples perception that "its only grass" and "everything grows in the Mediterranean".

2) These pre-conceptions inevitably colour the replace or repair calculation.
Repair: Most people will repair something that costs a lot of money to replace. So if the perception of a lawn is that "its only grass", and speaking to a third party suggests that "I can get that done really cheaply" then a repair is embarked upon, and another lawn cycle disaster has begun.

Replace: After a few attempts at growing a lawn, often disillusion sets in. The whole lot is ripped up, and without any diagnosis as to why the last lot of grass died, then the next, slightly more expensive solutions is purchased. And so the cycle continues.

Little or no money spent on a lawn will give you a poor weedy green lawn in the Winter followed by a dead brown weedy patchy lawn in the summer. Why pay a gardener but spend almost nothing on your lawn.

2) "Blame Cycle" Prisoner You had problems with your lawn so you blame the gardener and got a new one.

Your lawn died, blamed the grass, bought artificial grass, concrete or gravel.

3) "Sinatra Cycle" Prisoner

(I did it my way)

You asked for advise, you were given advice. You have been shown step by step what to do, but the perfect lawn still eludes you. Why? - Cause you ignored the advice and did it your way.
4) "I'm too busy for my lawn" Prisoner.

Whatever you do, the lawn only lasts a short while - maybe 18 months to 2 years.

In your haste for a new lawn or your lack of involvement, you didn't spend any time on ground prep.

You have had turf laid. It looked great at first, but after 6 months its mostly weeds. "I'm too busy for my lawn" - and you have a lawn full of weeds. 

You sowed seed, too busy to water it, and it never grew.

You sowed seed it grew, "I'm too busy for my lawn" - it dies 6 months later after little or no attention.

You planted plugs, but they never grew into a lawn, because you didn't allocate any time to care for and fertilise the plugs.

You wanted a quick solution for a lawn, bought turf, but after 6 months of neglect it died - You're too busy to follow advice.

"I'm too busy for my lawn" - We are going back to the UK, and will do it in six months.

We have friends coming so don't want the disruption.

5) "Try it and see" Gambling Prisoner

People love having a flutter. Basically without finding out why their last lawn died, they buy something else and take a chance.
People have commented: 

"It's only a packet of seed."

"If it doesn't work I will try something else."


Apply all the above factors and inevitably the Lawn Cycle applies equally to seed, turf or plugs.

When things go wrong, the most obvious thing to do, but is hardly every done.... 

FIND OUT WHY YOUR LAWWN DIED, you can then work out the way forward and take steps so it doesn't happen again.

Follow our guidance and you will get what it says on the packet:
"The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round."

Make no mistake - Growing a showcase quality grass lawn is very easy, and the most common cause of failure is NOT the grass - its you !!.

We at Lawns in Spain are here to help - so use us - its cheaper! Read the many and compelling reasons why you should use lawns in spain.

Oh and yes - You ARE a number - Number 6 on the list of why lawns die.

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