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Our Types of Lawn Grass Seed

Getting drought resistant lawn grass seed to germinate is not easy.
Unless you have time to monitor its germination or are a professional, we do not advise trying to grow from seed.
Our lawn grass seed is single species or selected hybrids (not mixtures), and all have been selected, home grown and tested by us for the Spanish (Mediterranean) climate. Each grass has its own advantages. These grasses are only available direct from us at Lawns in Spain.

They all produce a green carpet lawn to suit your needs.

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types of lawn grasses. lawn grass. types of lawn grasses. lawn grass. General instructions for all types of cool season seed.
Lawn Seed - Warm Season (Summer Growing Season April - Sept)
types of lawn grasses Med Green

Medium green grass.
Water: Drought tolerant
Wear: Hard wearing and wear tolerant
Mowing: mow at 2.0".
Sowing: As with all warm season grasses, not before the daily temperatures are consistently above 20 degrees.
General: Nice visual lawn for large areas and fairways. Reasonably Low maintenance.

types of lawn grasses. lawn grass. types of lawn grasses Fine Green

Fine blade fast growing dark green grass.
Water: Drought tolerant,
Mowing: mow at 1.5 - 2.0" to remove seed heads.
Wear: Extremely wear tolerant.
General: Nice green visual lawn. Needs feeding regularly for best results. Low maintenance.
types of lawn grasses Fine Ultra

Fine bladed green grass. Similar to Fine Green, but lighter green and more compact. Needs more water. Fast growing. For best putting green results, mow down to 1cm, roll and top-dress frequently. Drought tolerant but needs watering and feeding if used as putting/bowling green. 
Med Green Prices Economy Economy

Medium green grass.
Watering: Drought tolerant
Wear: wear tolerant
Mowing: mow at 2.0" or higher. Must keep blades sharp. Do not strim.
General: Nice green lawn for larger areas. Low maintenance for mowing and fertilising. Tolerates infertile, sandy soil. Prefers slightly acid soils. Our most drought resistant grass.
Sow Seed: Spring or Autumn
Germination: First signs of growth in around 10 days.
Prices Fine Green Prices Fine Ultra  Prices
Lawn Seed - Cool Season (Winter Growing Season Sept - April) See our Quick Comparison Table
types of lawn grasses Winter Green (Type F)

Wide bladed dark green grass. Use as nursery grass,  winter lawn or over-seed Bermuda. Gives a beautiful green lawn throughout the winter. Mow at 2.0". Reasonably drought tolerant. Grows in clumps so needs reseeding after damage. Struggles in the summer months. Will need watering.
Winter Green (Type L)

Fine bladed medium green grass. Use as nursery grass, winter lawn or over-seed Lush. Gives a beautiful green lawn throughout the winter. This is our fastest solution for a new lawn (typically around 2 -3 weeks). First feed at 1". Mow at 2.0". Not drought tolerant. Struggles in the summer months, so will need watering.
types of lawn grasses. lawn grass.
Winter Green (Type PA)

Fine bladed light green annual grass. Produces a beautiful winter lawn. Tolerates compacted soil. Starts germinating in late summer or fall as soil temperatures fall below 70°F. Growing season Sept - April. Mow down to 1" or less. No need to overseed as self seeding. Not drought tolerant.
types of lawn grasses Winter Green (Type PP)

Fine bladed dark blue-green color grass. Less problematic than fescue. Use as nursery grass or winter lawn. Gives a beautiful green lawn throughout the winter. Mow at 2.0". Will survive the summer, but needs some watering. Optimum temp for seed germination. 59-86. Self seeding so no need to over seed every year.
Winter Green (Type F) Prices Winter Green (Type "L") Prices Winter Green (Type PA) Prices Winter Green (Type PP) Prices
types of lawn grasses Instant (pre-germinated) Seed

Specially treated lawn seed that is delivered pre-germinated (alive and growing) in moist compost. All the above cool & warm season grasses can be supplied pre-treated for a fast lawn. Advice must be followed to guarantee success.
types of lawn grasses White Meadow Clover

White clover is widely used throughout the UK. It is an important element of many silage and grazing mixtures, thanks to its persistence and nitrogen fixing properties.
A longer term and more persistent option than Red Clover
Very palatable for livestock and high in protein 
Continued defoliation stimulates root growth and nitrogen fixation.
Prefers to be shallow sown into a fine, firm seed bed. Sow at 1 Kilo/ 100M2.
types of lawn grasses Red Meadow Clover

Red clover is an aggressive, nitrogen fixing plant which is an effective weed suppressor. Good for improving and aerating soil structure.
A shorter term alternative to White Clover, will usually last for two years 
An aggressive plant, providing a large mass of green vegetation
Fixes large amounts of atmospheric nitrogen which is released once ploughed in
The plant has a large tap root which penetrates deep into the ground, improving soil structure. Sow at 1Kilo/100M2.
types of lawn grasses Alicante

Fine bladed creeping grass. Similar to Fine Dwarf, but much greener. Slow growing, draught tolerant and slightly shade tolerant. The slow growth rate means less mowing and is quite appealing to some people. Forms dense carpet. Tends to turn yellow in alkaline soils, so a soil test is highly recommended. Prefers sandy acidic soil (pH 5.0 - 6.0), but tolerates poor soil and low fertilisation. Does not do well in alkaline or salty soil. Ideal if you have an existing lawn and are changing your type of grass. For best results, we have a special fertiliser for this grass.
ALL YEAR ROUND GREEN (i.e Does NOT turn brown in winter although prolonged cold periods of less than 2 degrees centigrade will kill this grass)
Sensitive to alkaline soil, prefers sandy acidic soil.
Overseed with: No need
Instant (48 hr) Lawn Prices White Meadow Clover Prices Red Meadow Clover Prices Alicante Prices
types of lawn grasses Spectacular soft carpet type grass. Mow high: Low maintenance, Mow Low: high maintenance. Can be used as golfing or bowling green grass types of lawn grasses Tolerates shade. Gives a beautiful green lawn throughout the winter. Mow at 2.0". Optimum temp for seed germination. 68-86. Not drought tolerant. Struggles in the summer months. Will need watering    
Carpet Grass Prices Winter Green (Type "FS") Prices    


All our warm season grasses are drought resistant and by their very nature are capable of surviving, where other grasses do not. This feature makes them intrusive species. Ample protection must be in place for flower borders and other areas that these grasses will inevitably invade. In more Northern or wetter climates, or where grown where invasion into finer manicured lawns, these grasses would be considered as an undesirable invader or indeed a weed. However it is exactly these characteristics that make our grasses desirable for low watering and low maintenance lawns. Indeed, irrigation, over watering or overfeeding can render these grasses a real problem. 

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