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Lawn Mowing Height

Mowing techniques, such as how tall it should be and other seasonal variances, differ depending on the type of grass you have in your lawn. The best lawn mowing technique to help your lawn grow, is to keep your lawn mower blades set at the correct height.

Mowing a Lawn - The General Rules

There are two simple general rules for lawn mowing:

1) The higher you set your mowing height the thicker the grass, the healthier the lawn and the less weeds.
2) The lower you set your height, the more maintenance, feeding and watering is required. Mowing too low with the wrong grass will kill it. If you want to mow low, then buy a fine bladed grass. Mowing medium or wide bladed grass too low will kill it.

Med fine ultra cut at 2" and 4" Med fine miniature left uncut, only the seed heads removed Med fine dwarf uncut this year, the seed heads removed in bottom right corner. Note growth is below 1" in height.


There are basically three height ranges for mowing lawns:

1) 2.5" and above. (wide blade coarse grass)

2) 1.0" to 2.5". (medium blade grass)

3) below 1.0". (fine grasses)

As the mowing height is reduced the success of your lawn, is no longer governed by what type of grass you have, but by what height you intend to mow. 

How High?

Your choice of grass will invariably depend on what usage it is going to receive, what shade of green you prefer and what your expectations of lawn maintenance you are prepared to commit to.

The general rule is the finer the grass leaf the lower you can cut.

But the lower you cut the more demands there will be on maintaining a healthy lawn. 

So lets put the lawn mowing regime into context.

Mowing at above 2.5"

This is a good height for Med Lush, but Med Fine Green and Med Green can all be mowed at this height. The result is a really thick lawn that will need cutting every 3 or 4 weeks. Will need less weeding and less watering, and the lawn will generally be used for viewing rather than recreational use. Examples are Grassed areas around Aqualandia and Roundabouts.  

Mowing at 1.0" to 2.5"

This is the most popular height for most peoples lawns. Winter Green (Types L,P,F), Med Green, Med Green Compact, Med Lush, Med Fine. At this height you will be able to use the lawn for recreational sports and for pleasure. The grass will need to be mowed maybe once every 1 to 2 weeks, and will need a moderate amount of water and fertiliser.

Mowing at below 1.0"

This is a height that is really reserved for enthusiasts or professionals. Unless you are comitted, have perfectly level gound, and particularly want a putting green finish, then we suggest you save your money and choose something cheaper. Med Fine Miniature, Med Fine Dwarf, Med Fine Ultra, Bermuda Princess and Creeping Bent can all be mowed down to this height. At this height removing 1/3 of the leaf blade when you mow means that you need a gardener two or three times a week. At this height you MUST mow frequently. It also means that the surface is level and probably a regime of rolling and aerating will be necessary to keep the surface in tip top condition. You will also need to fertilise, probably every 3 weeks and you will need to water much more frequently (how often depends on usage and grass type)

More tips for mowing a lawn are in our Customised Lawn Repair Project.

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