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Lawn Oxalis Killer

Oxalis is considered a weed. It appears in late September in lawns in the Mediterranean. However although it may be worth considering living with it and mowing it, be warned Oxalis does kill everything underneath it. 

So when it disappears around April time, you are left with dying Oxalis and no grass.

And of course, Oxalis if not treated will re-appear next Autumn.

Our Oxalis Killer is tested and DOES NOT kill the grass.

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Our Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata L.) Killer works best in conjunction with a fertiliser application before applying the Oxalis Killer.

The most effective treatment is to apply our "Lawns in Spain" fertiliser to the areas of the lawn that are affected one week before the Oxalis Killer.

After one week spot treat the Oxalis leaves with the Oxalis Killer herbicide.

Finally apply our Pre-emergence weed killer , watered in, in the Autumn to prevent the Oxalis seeds from germinating.

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