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Lawn Repair

Lawn Repair can be carried out simply and effectively by following these easy steps. All you have to do is grow a reserve section of grass that will be used to repair your lawn.

Do not dig it all up and start again.

If you have patches of rogue grass in your lawn, then you can solve the problem quickly and in easy steps.

1) Try to grow a repair center or nursery of the grass that will repair your lawn. This can be on the patio or on a spare area in your garden.

2) Apply our "Total Clear" to the center of the rogue grass clump that you want to remove.

3) Wait until the grass begins to turn yellow (this could take around 2 - 3 weeks).

4) At this point dig a rectangle and remove the grass as a solid piece turf.

5) From your grass reserve, dig a corresponding section of grass to fit and put into the section that you have removed.

6) This will give you an instant lawn repair and can be used over many sections of lawn as an immediate fix.

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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green