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Lawn Sand

Lawn sand on this page describes the lawn sand that is applied to correct the drainage of your lawn, NOT the chemical that is used to control moss.

If you are having problems with moss see our lawn care products page for Moss Killer

Type of Sand

The type of lawn sand that is applied to your lawn or putting green is sharp or grit sand. This is available from most builders merchants. Be careful not to use builders sand (the type for making cement or render) as this contains far too much dust and power.

Beach sand is also ok, but be sure that the salt content is correct. i.e. make sure that the sand has been well washed to leach out the salt.


Either dig in or rotovate the sand into your soil if you are preparing a new lawn, or sprinkle the sand as a topdressing onto the lawn if improving the quality or repairing an old lawn.

Tip: Aerate the soil before applying a topdressing of sand to improve the sand penetration.



Do not add only sand to clay soils to break them up and improve the composition. The combination of clay and sand can produce something like cement when the soil dries out.

Be careful not to overdo adding sand as making the soil too sandy will mean that the soil will dry out quickly and not hold water. OK if you water every day, you're a golf club, bowls club etc, but not good for your water bill as a homeowner. 

Finally make sure the sand is pH neutral and that the salt has been thoroughly washed out of the sand. Grass does not like salt!!

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