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It's simple, what you get with Lawns in Spain is



"FREE Unlimited Loyal Customer Support"

So if you are a loyal customer (i.e. Someone who returns to us to purchase products to maintain their lawn throughout the year), and have the dedication, commitment and basic gardening skills that a real grass lawn needs, and have followed our advice, then we will support you all the way FREE for any products you have purchased from us.
Or you can buy cheaper products from elsewhere, pay less, get less, and get little or no advice and you take your chance.

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lawn spacialist.

So why is Lawns in Spain so good for you?

Level of service: We are Lawn Specialists and are dedicated to providing the best quality products available in Spain and the Mediterranean for you to achieve a lawn.

We are not a Garden Center, we grow and sell grass. We provide a level of service and quality for our tested products that far exceeds what you would expect at a Garden Center.

  We strive to provide a level of customer service and support, unequalled by any other Gardening or Lawn Company in Spain.

Quality of products: Our grasses are cultivated and grown by us. They have been vigorously tested and stressed, and are only available directly from Lawns in Spain, they are not available through garden centers or agents,

Lastly - You may well find, or are persuaded to buy alternative or cheaper solutions elsewhere, that may give you a result in the short term, but in the long term you will save time and money by asking Lawns in Spain to supply the right grass/grass products for your needs.

Basically, you won't find better and more accurate FREE product after sales advice than Lawns in Spain.

Our Commitment to You:
Transparent Prices and Terms and Conditions

It is not our intention to confuse. Our prices, terms and conditions are published on our web site. There are no hidden extras, what you see is what you get.

Free Product Advice

Where else can you get FREE lawn product after sales advice for your Lawn in Spain.

We do not inflate, complicate or dramatise your lawn problem.

Soil Testing Services

We often find that the grass is not the real problem. So we can perform a test on your soil to make sure that your investment in grass is safeguarded.

Consultancy Services

If you feel that your requirements need a specialist to talk to or call on you  then, we can arrange this. But we do charge for this.

A wide range of Grasses and Tested Lawn Products

Our products are tested. They may not be the cheapest, but they are guaranteed to do the job and ultimately work out to be the best value for money, and they all come with guidelines/advice.

Our grasses are selected to be the best solution for your requirements.

Free Aftercare Advice

After you have purchased any of our products, we will guide you and advise you until your grass is established. You can phone or email and you will always receive the benefit of specialist lawn product advice from one of our lawn specialists.

Fast Home Delivery

We deliver door to door anywhere in Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.


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