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Lawn Weed Killers

Lawn weed killers are selective. They kill the weeds and leave the grass. In the Mediterranean they can be applied almost all the year round provided temperatures are high enough, but are most effective in the summer months. 

There are two types, pre-emergence and post emergence. Pre-emergence (wartered in) kills the seeds as they germinate and post emergence kills the weeds through absorbsion by the leaves (sprayed on) or absorbsion through the roots (watered in). Some weeds will need both treatments to completely eradicate them.

Note: Total weed killers are intended for paths, but if you are applying to your garden to kill weeds, bare in mind that total clear weed killer, if applied to green leaves, will kill anything that is green.

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Warning !

Weed killers are dangerous chemicals. Always follow the normal precautions for handling, inhaling, spraying, contact with skin, eyes etc.

Just because its a broad leaf selective weed killer does not mean it won't harm your grass. Choosing the right product for your type of grass from our product range will minimise this risk. But inevitably weed killers will always check the lawn a little, so make sure the lawn is growing and healthy (i.e. watered and fed) before applying weed killers.

When NOT to apply
lawn weed killers, selective weed killers. lawn herbicide. weedkiller for lawns. 7 Tips for when NOT to apply lawn weed killer...
Don't apply if the grass is wet or has dew on it.
Don't apply if it is windy and could drift onto other plants.
Don't apply if there is rain forecast within 6 - 10 hours.
Don't apply if the temperature is below 15 degrees. Best results are when temperatures have exceeded 15 degrees for a few days.
Do not exceed the recommended strength - re-apply again in 3 - 4 weeks if necessary.
Do not cut the lawn for 7 days after application.
Do not apply if the weeds are not growing (i.e. do not apply in drought conditions)

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BEFORE you start...
What is your plan "B" after the weeds are dead ? ..
By this I mean, if you have neglected your lawn and have a high percentage of weeds to grass (say 50 - 90% weeds), what happens next when the weeds are dead? Well what you don't want is vast areas of your supposedly green lawn, starting to go yellow because the weeds have started to die? So the answer is to either spot treat a small area or spot treat selected weeds and take it slowly, or sow new seed to get established in the areas that have a high concentration of weeds.

I get asked so many times "how long will it take for the weeds to die?" After all, if you have left the weeds grow for many months - take it slowly. This will reduce the amount of your lawn that you are killing in one hit.
So if the areas of weeds in your lawn are large and represent a large proportion of your lawn, removal by hand is initially advised, followed by some re-sowing or re-plugging.

For small less obvious areas of weeds (say 5 - 10% of your lawn) then after testing, just apply the weed killer to the entire lawn.
lawn weed killers, selective weed killers. lawn herbicide. weedkiller for lawns. Tip: As soon as the weeds start to turn yellow, why not pull them out. The weed killer has identified the weeds for you, and if the colour is a problem, why not pull them out?
But whichever, if there are a lot of weeds, your plan "B" must be to immediately sow the area with more seed, plant more grass plugs or repair the area with a lawn patch, otherwise you will inevitably have bald patches in your lawn where the weeds have died.

lawn weed killers, selective weed killers. lawn herbicide. weedkiller for lawns. Tip: Our feed and weed product, kills weeds SLOWLY, giving the grass a chance to grow back into the patches, but is only suitable for some grasses.

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lawn weed killers, selective weed killers. lawn herbicide. weedkiller for lawns.More General Tips...
Before applying any weed killer to an established lawn, make sure it is not stressed i.e. It is watered the day before, and preferably give it a boost (about a week to 10 days before) of fertiliser.
Pre-emergence weed killer, kills any seeds as they germinate in the soil. Post emergegence weed killer attacks the weeds that are already growing. In principle post emergence weed killers are systemic and attack weeds by selecting their broader leaves. Except for Med Fine, post emergence weed control can be applied at any time of the year in the mediterranean. High temperatures can cause excessive damage on other grasses so check with us first. Pre emergent weed killer is applied late August/September or again in early spring, depending on the weather.
Most weedkillers will suggest use on younger weeds growing in the cooler mid-spring to early summer period. A temporary discoloration of the lawn usually occurs. Repeat application in 2-3 weeks if weeds persist.

All recommendations for applying herbicides apply i.e Always follow the standard precautions for applying dangerous chemicals, don't spray on a windy day, don't spray if there is dew on the leaves, dont spray if rain is expected, don't spray if the temperature is too cold. etc....
Experiment on a small area before applying to the entire lawn.
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We have a product range of 'special formulations' of selective weed killer for use with Med Lush, Med Green, and Med Fine.

Please contact us for guidance.

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