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Lawn Weeds - Clover

Clover is considered by some people as a weed. It appears in late September in lawns in the mediterranean. However it may be worth considering living with it and mowing it, as it does present a lush green appearance during the winter months, and is used widely as a horse feed supplement.

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Clover can easily be identified by its flowers and its foliage. The three leaves on clover are quite distinct on clover whereas on Oxalis each leaf has two lobes.

Clover is leguminous (creates nitrogen) from bacteria on the roots. So its very useful for areas that have poor soil. Its low growing, and can be mowed. Once mowed it may well be worth cultivating as a low maintenance lawn. However it does struggle in the summer months.

Most "weed killer" or "weed and feed" products contain a combination of two to four active ingredients (herbicidal chemicals).

Only a few herbicides are both effective and approved for home use. Therefore, if you pick any two bottles of either straight "weed killer" or "weed and feed", chances are good that they share active ingredients, regardless of the manufacturer.

On the other hand, different varieties of WeedBGon don't necessarily contain the same active ingredients (chemicals) in the same proportion. There is no rule that prevents a company from changing the formulations of their "trade names".

More interesting things to do with clover...

Because of its ability to produce its own food (Nitrogen), clover can be useful in an un-watered area that needs to be kept green (not a lawn, but also not a field). Strim or mow at 3" or above and the clover will not need watering.
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