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Lawns in Clay soil

The easy answer is, try to improve your soil by top dressing. But the are a few other tricks you can use.

This is what clay will do when left to go dry.

A clay tolerant grass would probably be a better solution, even if just for the summer months.

See our product range for Grass for clay soil.


Clay is great stuff. Its the most important part of a balanced soil for lawns.

However there are issues that come with it. Firstly clay has the ability to hold water. Which means less watering.

Unfortunately when it looses its water, it shrinks, cracks, and basically behaves like concrete.

Clay is great if it is over 6" below the surface. This will help your grass through the summer.

One other point to note is its generally is rich in Iron (the stuff that grass uses to keep looking green).

The next important fact when trying to grow a lawn in clay soil is its alkalinity - its generally way too high on the pH scale, so the grass cannot absorbe the iron and other nutrients from the soil.

When making a lawn from scratch you have an opportunity to change the soil pH and composition.

But correcting for this problem afterwards is possible but takes longer....


1) Its a good idea to use a wetting agent (see products Page) when watering your lawn.

2) Apply chemicals to reduce the pH.

3) Apply clay breaker to your lawn.

4) Top dress with a mixture designed to correct soil issues.


We have grasses that tolertate clay, and others that will grow under trees and bushes and in the shadow of hedges.

See also: Lawns not in direct sun

So the solution for a lawn that is partially or completely in the shade is...

1) If the lawn is completely in the shade then choose a shade tolerant grass. See our grass types, we now have a great solution - Wintergreen "FS"
2) If only part of the lawn is in the shade then match the texture and colour of the grass for the shady area with the existing grass.

3) If the soil has a lot of clay, choose a clay tolerant species (Med Lush).

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There are however some really troublesome weeds that thrive in dry clay soil.  

We have weed killers that will eradicate them.

Contact us and we will try to help.

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