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Lawns Near Hedges

lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges.

A brown lawn can be caused by many reasons. Nearby hedges can be a real problem.

On the left is a photo of brown areas of lawn in full sun near a hedge. 

On the right is another brown lawn, this time the cause is too much shade for the type of grass planted.

For the repair of existing lawns see our Instant Lawn Repair Patches. 

See also more explanations of brown patches in lawns.

lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges.

Dead or Brown Grass near a Hedge

Dead or brown patches in your lawn near a hedge, can be caused by a number of factors, one of which is water starvation. Here is how to solve this...lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges.

But the main cause is water starvation. The roots of the hedge are drawing all the moisture from the lawn. There are two ways to avoid this. One involves more water than the second. But the second (more permanent) solution requires a little more work.

1) Hand water the areas affected to supplement the irrigation systems water.
2) Dig down (using a garden spade) about a foot along the length of affected lawn. Try to achieve a 1" by 12" space or trench. In this space either pour concrete or insert a non permeable material such as solid plastic sheet or metal sheet. The action of the spade will chop off the offending roots and the infill will ensure that no roots from the hedge will be able to get to the lawn.
3) Reseed or re-plug the affected area with Lawns in Spain seed, patches or plugs.
4) Apply Lawns in Spain wetting agent to the brown area every week for 3 - 4 weeks and hand water, while grass recovers.
lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges. Tip: A chain saw could also be used to make the hole or trench if the soil is not too stony.
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Dead or brown patches in your lawn near a hedge, can also be caused by shade from the hedge. Here is how to solve this problem...lawns near hedges. lawns next to hedges.
In the photo above right the hedge is south facing, resulting in the grass never receiving any sunlight.
Lawns in Spain have a selection of grasses and grass seed that are shade tolerant.
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