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Lawns Near Walls or Paths

A brown lawn can be caused by many reasons. On the left is a photo of a brown area of lawn near a pathway. 

To the right is a lawn where a section of wall has been repaired. The lime/calcium run off from the building materials have taken their toll on the lawn. 

For the repair of existing lawns see our Instant Lawn Repair Patches. 

See also more explanations of brown patches in lawns.

Dead or Brown Grass near Walls or Paths

Dead or brown patches in your lawn near a wall or pathway, can be caused by a number of factors, listed here are are a few of them...

But the main causes are water starvation, soil alkalinity, amplified sunlight and run off.

1) Water starvation is caused by the materials of the wall or pathway absorbing the water from the surrounding soil. This is always a problem and only hand watering the affected areas will solve this.
2) Soil alkalinity adjacent to the wall or pathway impedes the absorbsion of soil nutrients. Perform a Lawns in Spain soil test for pH and correct the problem with Lawns in Spain soil pH reducer.
3) Amplifies sunlight is caused by the reflection of sunlight from the wall or pathway, thus increasing the rate at which the grass requires water. Extra hand watering on the affected area is the only solution.
4) Water Run - off can cause the calcium from the tiles or cement to contaminate the lawn. Check for this and chemically correct. 
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