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Lawns not in direct sun

The easy answer is, try not to grow a lawn there. 

But if you already have a failing lawn then we can now give you a solution.

A cool season, shade tolerant grass is the solution, even for the summer months.

We now sell seed and plugs for Lawns not in direct sun.


Grass doesn't like to grow in the shade. However....

There are one or two things to remember. Firstly shade in Spain is not the same as shade in the UK.

The amount of light falling on a shady area of lawn in Spain is significantly more than in the UK. This is because generally there is more light in the first place. But also there is more light reflected by other buildings and walls.

So overall, although not enough light to keep mediterranean grass happy (even the shade tolerant ones), there is more than enough light to grow a shade tolerant English grass. Added to this the fact that our new grass also creeps (criterial for success of plugs as a solution) you now have grass as seed or plugs that will solve your failing lawn in the shade.

So as a result you can get away with grasses that, although are sun loving, because they are in Spain, will grow quite happily in the relative shade. Our Wintergreen "FS" does well in shade and this is now available in seed or plugs.

So if you can calculate how much shade you actually have, or how many hours per day that there is direct sun, then you can grow a lawn with normal grass, even under the canopy of trees in the shade. If in doubt contact us for a site visit. Also see lawns near paths and walls.

We now have the solution (plugs and seed) for a lawn that will grow under trees and bushes and in the shadow of hedges.

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So the solution for a lawn that is partially or completely in the shade is...

1) If the lawn is completely in the shade then choose a grass that is not just shade tolerant but actually be happy growing there. See our grass types, we now have a great solution also in plugs - Wintergreen "FS"
2) If only part of the lawn is in the shade then match the texture and colour of the grass for the shady area with the existing grass.

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There are however some really troublesome weeds that thrive in shade.


We have weed killers that will eradicate them.

Contact us and we will try to help.

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