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Lawns Under Pine Trees

The easy answer is, try not to grow a lawn there. 

But if you really want to, it is possible.

The lawn to the left was sown at the beginning of March and pictured again in the middle of April. It is now ready for over seeding the thin areas and planting the warm season grass plugs for a green lawn all the way through the summer.

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Grass doesn't like to grow under pine trees. The soil is acidic, it can be messy, there is little sunlight and competition for water is intense. Create a bed of mulch or pine straw preferably to the drip line of the tree. It looks good and saves the battle of trying to grow grass where nature insists otherwise.

But if you really want to, here is a list of things you can do to achieve success...

1) Prune the trees as high as possible to allow the maximum amount of light under the trees. Try to remove all tree limbs below ten feet. Remember grass does not grow well in the shade.
2) Clean the area of needles and debris. Pine needles fall ALL THE TIME. So rake them up and you will have grass. Don't rake them up and you won't.
3) Apply our "Under Tree Topdress" to decrease the acidity of the soil. You may need to do this once a year or so.
4) We have a selection of shade tolerant grasses that will give you a lovely green lawn.

5) Modify your watering regime.

6) Read our advice on growing a lawn under trees and bushes
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(We now have a wonderful grass that will grow in the shade and under pine trees. see our: Wintergreen Type "FS".)


Growing grass under pine trees is no easy task and will require constant attention. Needles will continuously need to be cleaned up. Even a heavy downfall will still leave the ground under trees relatively dry, so additional watering and feeding will  be needed due to competition from the (pine) tree roots.
In the case of pine tree, subsequent applications of corrective compounds will need to be put down to counteract the acid build up.

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