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Oxalis Killer Instructions

As with other broad leaved lawn weed killers it is important to prepare the lawn BEFORE applying the weed killer.

The first and most important thing is the grass and the weeds should be growing healthily.

So make sure the lawn is thoroughly watered before hand. 

Then apply fertiliser - Lawns in Spain Summer Fertiliser is good for this.

However the best is the Lawns in Spain Herbono product (watered in). The reason, is that as well as the fertiliser content, it also contains a root based herbicide which starts to attack the oxalis straight away. This in conjunction with the Oxalis killer is the most effective solution.

After one week then spray on the Oxalis killer. Dilute the concentrate to 1 - 2% strength by adding water.

Spray onto the Oxalis* (enough to wet the leaves) and that's it.

*All recommendations for applying herbicide apply i.e don't spray on a windy day, don't spray if there is dew on the leaves, don't spray if the temperature is too cold. etc....

If necessary re-appy the Oxalis killer after 2 -3 weeks. DO NOT re-apply the Herbono feed and weed as this is slow release and stays in the ground for about 12 weeks.

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