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Patchy Lawns Explained

patchy lawn

There are many reasons for patchy lawns. But one of the factors is seed mixtures.

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Seed mixtures can contain at least three different types of Grass Seed. The mixture will be made up of grasses that have different chances of surviving. So given too much shade, not enough water, bad soil nutrient content, is it surprising that some of the grasses in the mixture will not survive.

So because different grasses grow and behave in different ways, then it will not be surprising to find that different grasses also do not survive for different reasons.

Below is an example of a section of lawn with grass types "X", "Y" and "Z" making a lawn. 

See visually how a patchy lawn can develop when each type of grass dies off.

If you are a customer and you need advice contact us and we will write you a step by step schedule of what to do.

The most common cause of a patchy lawn ...
The most common cause still remains investment and neglect. Spending little or nothing and doing little or nothing does not produce a nice looking lawn.
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patchy lawn More Tips...

Grass which is mowed at the correct height will encourage the grass to grow healthy and discourage weeds to get hold and flourish. The best course of action is to get new or existing grass growing BEFORE killing the weeds. This will minimise the disturbance to the lawn. The new grass will start to choke out the weeds and help get a healthy percentage of grass growing before killing the remaining weeds.
For treatment ideas contact us or see our Brown Patch, Magic Lawn Repair Kit
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