Putting Greens and Putting Green Maintenance

Making and maintaining your own putting green lawn in your back garden is ambitious but possible with our selection of Fine Golf Grasses

It is fine grasses that respond well to cutting short.

Putting Green Maintenance


Once your grass plugs have knitted together and you have been watering the grass regularly, then you need to adjust your watering regime to produce your putting green effect. Basically you need to stress the lawn so that the grass doesn't die but produces fine grass growth. This is achieved by reducing the watering and cutting the putting green grass shorter.

Start to cut low (less than 1") and collect the cuttings in the grass basket.

Start to water the grass for longer, but less frequently and enough to keep it growing. After pursuing this strategy for a few weeks you will notice the difference in the quality and density of your lawn. Now the hard work starts.
Her are the main putting green jobs you will need to come to grips with:

   1) Feeding the Putting Green Lawn
  2) Watering the Putting Green Lawn
  3) Cutting the Putting Green Lawn
  4) Rolling the Putting Green Lawn
  5) Cultivate your Putting Green lawn
  6) Growth Regulators
  7) Overseeding in Autumn

We provide a step by step bespoke "Putting Green Maintenance Guide" detailing all the procedures below - please Inquire.

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