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Reasons for Lawns Dying

6 Reasons for Lawns Dying explained. 

So if your lawn is dead or dying, one or more of these reasons definitely applies to you. 

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So many people with a track record of lawn failures, and systematic lawn neglect (sometimes over many years), ask for lawn guidance, invariably looking for an immediate solution. 

Sadly all too often this guidance is ignored, either because the owner has not the time, not always present at the property, or the gardener has not followed the recommendations or has his own ideas about maintaining or growing a lawn.

The most common early warning comment from owners which rings alarm bells is "I just want a green lawn". Indicating a lack of interest, understanding and a total lack of involvement. However to achieve success with this approach, invariably comes with a cost penalty, and failure means inevitable disillusionment.

So if you are uncertain as to the reason(s) why your lawn has failed and died, here are the main reasons why:-

1) Soil (most important)

Most of the soil in Spain is poor. Not much good for growing anything, except grapes, almonds, olives, oleanders and hibiscus.

But people do insist in avoiding this first step of testing the soil. The misunderstanding is simple, in England most of the soil is OK, but not in Spain. Peoples impression of Spain is "like the UK but with more sun". 

We always recommend a soil test for pH and composition. The reason is once we know what is below the surface, we can recommend the best type of grass, a course of action that will save you  time, water and money, thus keeping your grass alive.

2) Type of Grass

There are two types of grass Warm Season and Cold Season. Cold season grass dies in the heat of the summer and Warm season grass loves the heat, but hibernates in the winter. I am still getting questions from people about why their winter grass is dead in August, or why their summer grass is doing nothing in the winter. Don't waste your time trying to grow cold season grass in the summer, its expensive, time consuming and very seldom works.

3) Watering

Most people have no idea how much water they use, let alone how much they use to water their lawn.

"I don't understand it, I water the grass every day for 15 minutes" or "I water the grass a lot".

Unfortunately neither comments tell you HOW MUCH WATER IN M3 PER M2 you are giving your lawn. Peoples impression of watering a lot  turns out to be merely wetting the surface. 

Measuring the amount of water in M3 (or litres) per M2 is the only accurate way of deciding how much you are watering your lawn.

The rule for grass is.

1) Water only when it needs it.

2) And if you can't see or decide when it needs it, do the next best thing and water a MEASURED amount, see how it does, and go from there.

4) Fertilising

I have known people that have not fertilised their lawn EVER. For a healthy lawn in Spain, you need to fertilise every other month all through the year. Our Planting and aftercare guidelines always points this out - often ignored. Don't waste your money with General Purpose or even worse, Lawn Fertiliser from the garden center, it might not be strong enough or too strong. We sell fertiliser that is right for your lawn, it's tested and it works.

5) Cutting

Ask about cutting height and people don't know. Not difficult. Cut the grass to the recommended height. All the heights can be found on our website. If you cut it lower you will need to water it more, feed it more, weed kill it more and cut it more frequently. Oh yes, and you might run the risk of damaging or even killing it. Instruct your gardener to correct the cutting height - it costs nothing and it can work wonders.

6) Not following expert recommendations for help and guidance

We take care to supply planting and aftercare guidelines with every order. Sadly these guidelines are too frequently ignored.
And lastly, gardeners - many are asked to do a difficult job and do it well - unfortunately Lawn Keeping is a tricky job for a gardener. Frequently we are contacted by the owner about a lawn problem and the recommendations which we supply FREE has been ignored. 

So that's it, the most common reasons why lawns die. If yours is dead, its because of one of the above. 

All the lawn topics listed here are covered on the main website. 

Take some time to read the website - it's free.

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