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Selling your Villa in Spain

A garden lawn is a statement. Whether or not you spend a lot or a little money on it, it is what it is - a Lawn! And whether it's just an area of green grass or a quality bowling green, there is something basic and down to earth about a lawn that strikes at the heart strings of the average house buyer. 


At the risk of sounding like the "Hotel Inspector" or "Country House Rescue", "House Doctor" by Ann Maurice, there are some real issues that shout at homeowners, which are ignored.

The cost of running your 4x4 for a year is ??? How much do you spend on your lawn?

The cost of 1 litre of petrol is currently 1.44 per litre. When was the last time you spent money on your lawn?

The cost of 2 dogs per year is?? How much have you spent on your lawn in the past year.

The cost of maintaining a swimming pool is ?? When was the last time you put any fertiliser on your lawn?

These are all just some examples, but the list continues with landscaping, painting, decorating, furnishing.....


So youre trying to sell your Villa! - Well that don't impress me much!

So why, as a buyer, are you not impressed with the Villa?

Its remarkably easy. There could be many reasons, but lets get down to basics - Curb Appeal...1,2,3

When you look at the outside of the house you see:

1) Paintwork - Make sure the paintwork is clean and tidy.

2) Pool - Make sure its blue and not any other colour.

3) Garden (Lawn) make sure the flower borders and trees are neat and tidy, and make sure your lawn is lush and green.

Just like a green pool or shabby paintwork, a brown patchy or dead lawn does not inspire someone to buy your house. People are lazy, they don't think beyond how it looks now. The fact that you need a motorised sit on lawn mower to keep it trim just doesn't enter their mind. They like what they see, and what they see is a green healthy lawn.

It makes sense sort out these three areas and there cannot possibly be any negative comments about your house.

Below, which house would you like to own?


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