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Our Types of Lawn Grasses

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All our grasses are single species or selected hybrids (not mixtures), and have been selected and home grown by us for the Spanish (Mediterranean) climate. Each grass has its own advantages. All are drought resistant or low watering, low or no mowing, self repair, low fertilising. These grasses are only available direct from us in Benissa.

Our warm season grasses are creeping type (not bunch) grasses, so unlike conventional UK type (cool season) grasses, when you have a damaged area, our grasses will self repair relatively quickly. UK type grasses are mostly bunch type grasses so if you have a bald patch, unless you sow more seed, you will permanently have a bald patch. This is why we sell plugs - they spread sideways. We propagate all our green grass types by stolons (runners) not seed, because in most cases the seed is either sterile, or difficult or very slow to germinate. We specialise in lawn or turf grasses to suit most peoples preferences for a lawn. 

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We have Lawn Grasses to suit your every need. Use our grass picker to help you decide: 
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All our warm season grasses are drought resistant and by their very nature are capable of surviving, where other grasses do not. This feature makes them intrusive species. Ample protection must be in place for flower borders and other areas that these grasses will inevitably invade. In more Northern or wetter climates, or where grown where invasion into finer manicured lawns, these grasses would be considered as an undesirable invader or indeed a weed. However it is exactly these characteristics that make our grasses desirable for low watering and low maintenance lawns. Indeed, irrigation, over watering or overfeeding can render these grasses a real problem. 

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