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Weather in Spain

The weather across Spain is very different. If you live in the Costas it is broadly speaking "Mediterranean Climate". But for growing our types of warm season grass only the weather from approximately south of Barcelona is suitable to maintain its green colour all year round. 

The nearest weather conditions are in America, where the weather in the West Coast region of California has similarities. But extremes, rainfall and average temperatures are still not the same as in Spain. So care has to be taken when performing an internet search on Lawns, to make sure that the Lawn Care and Lawn Care Advice is relevant to the climatic conditions in your area of Spain.

Zone 1. Atlantic climate.
Zone 1 - Oceanic influence.
Humid. Mild temperatures, with few temperature swings. Rainfall between 800 to 1.600 mm/year, with regular distribution.
Zone 2 - Continental climate (inner).
Semi arid. Extreme temperatures with hot and dry summers. Rainfall very variable, and irregular, of 300 to 700 mm/year.

Zone 3 - Mediterranean climate.
Zone of high summer temperatures, with mild winters. There are areas of subtropical climate and other arid areas. Rainfall very variable of 300 to 800 mm/year

If you live North of Valencia, in an exposed area, in a high altitude or inland from the coast then there is a risk of temperatures in the winter dropping below 10 degrees for prolonged periods. Under these conditions warm season grasses will be susceptible to discolouration and turning shades of red to brown in the winter months. This discoloration of the grass is quite normal and only lasts for the cold months. As soon as the Spring temperatures increase, the grass comes out of its dormant state and the colour of the grass reverts to green. So if you live in these colder areas or microclimates and you want an all year round green appearance of your lawn we recommend overseeding with our yearly Winter Green Grass to ensure your lawn colour of your lawn for just the winter months.

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