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Chamomile Lawn

Why Chamomile

Well there are lots of other types of herbaceous lawns, but chamomile is the most popular.

It grows well and is lush green and easy to maintain and looks gorgeous.

Growing chamomile lawns have a few advantages over grass turf. They do not require regular mowing, fertilizing or edging and are ideal in areas where mower access is a challenge and foot traffic is minimal.

Plant the chamomile lawn with plants spaced about 4-8 inches (10-20 cm.) apart. Closer spacing gives more rapid coverage, but will cost you more and the plants will fill in fairly quickly. You can either purchase these plants or divide existing plants in the spring.

Plant your chamomile lawn, but beware when it gets overgrown with weeds you cannot use a Selective Lawn Weedkiller as it will kill the chamomile as well as the weeds.


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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green