The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Rats, Mice Cats and Dogs.

So you have decided on an instant lawn solution with artificial grass - but is it the right choice?



How many times have we heard about cats using other neighbors gardens to do their business in. Its no surprise to us that cats love laying scent, digging holes to do their business in (and the best bit is after they dig the hole, do their business, they cover it up again with soil).

Basically cats love earth, flower borders, leaves, pine needles, real grass etc.

Dogs on the other hand are really not fussy, they will poo anywhere, on a plastic lawn ripping the plastic to schreds, on tarmac, on concrete etc.


Note: Rats love Palm trees, olive bushes, almond trees and conifer hedges. i.e. all the most common and low maintenance species planted around your Artificial Grass lawn.


The other thing that cats love is hunting, playing with and eating rats and mice.

So is it's not rocket science that if you have Artificial Grass with surrounding gravel, covering a plastic membrane, then you wont see any cats. Basically, they won't be interested in visiting your garden, cause there's nowhere to go, to do their business.


And the bottom line No Cats - Lots of Rats !!


 Lawns in Spain does not sell Artificial Grass, but we do sell a safer substitute that is of no interest to Cockroaches - Real Grass.

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natural, organic, green
natural, organic, green