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Lawn Rollers and Rolling Your Lawn

Unless the roller is over 1 Meter wide then don't use it. It will not disperse bumps, and maybe make more.

Unless you have a bowling green or a putting green, then rolling a lawn is seldom necessary as it compacts the ground.

However there are occasions where rolling a lawn is important. The first being on newly rotovated soil when laying a new lawn. The reason is simple, once new grass seedlings have germinated and you are thinking of mowing your lawn for the first time, rolling the lawn stabilises the soil and helps prevent the new seedlings from being torn from the soil.

The second is to level bumps, but this should only be done with a roller wider that 1 Meter and then only when the soil is damp (ever tried rolling concrete?)

Apart from that, rolling a lawn can become addictive and should be avoided.

If you have planted a fine grass or you want those 'lawn stripes' then a roller lawn mower is the only way to achieve this. But be careful as in the fullness of time the lawn will compact.


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