The cheapest and most successful solution for a Real Grass Lawn in Spain all year round.

Revolution Real Grass Lawn

We have just discovered this great new grass variety.
It compares to the best Bermuda grass and is green all year round.

(It was discovered on derelict land, and we have to assume has never been tended, never watered and never fertilised)

This is a warm season grass with all the benefits, and rewrites the rule book on buying artificial grass.


If you are looking for an alternative to costly artificial grass, this is it, read on...

Revolution Real Grass Lawn
Revolution Real Grass Lawn

An initial rooted plug 1 week old. Note quality and colour of soil.

5 - 6 weeks on Note the creeping is established.

Ask the question about why somebody has installed Artificial grass and the first thing they will say is "You don't have to mow it"

Well that reason has just been blown out of the water. Revolution grass SELDOME needs mowing, it grows sideways and never grows higher than 2 cms.!!

But it just doesn't end there. All the time consuming hard work issues are also eliminated. So..

1) No back breaking ground prep (but some ground prep is advised depending on soil conditions, to improve successs rate and speed up the establishment process).

2) No fertilising

3) No watering.

4) Nomow.

5) Self repairing.

In a nutshell, all the benefits of Artificial grass at a fraction of the cost and more!
This is a truly spectacular grass. Water it to get it established, stop watering and it does not die.
This grass breaks all the rules of growing a real grass lawn.

When you dont water an English grass lawn in Spain it dies. And mean dead - no amount of water will revive it. This is not the case with Mediterranean grasses, because their roots go down so deep, although after a few months the grass above the ground begins to die back.
This is not the case with "Revolution Real Grass", if you water it , it grows, if you dont, it keeps its colour and just goes dormant.

This grass will grow and produce a fantastic lush soft green lawn on almost any well drained soil. Once established do not overwater as it will grow tall and leggy. This grass re-writes the rules on watering lawns, does not need cutting (maybe once every 6 months to tidy it up.) and does not need fertilising.

It lives and grows, surviving on the morning dew (because It has the ability to store the morning dew in its roots.)
Its roots are rhyzomes which store water and this is why it survives.
And it is so compact it chokes out weeds.



1) Because this grass is slow growing, we recommend planting at 16 plugs per M2. Feed, water and cut as normal grass until established, then reduce to almost nothing.

2) For better initial results, we recommend following all the advice for starting a new lawn.

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natural, organic, green
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